All you need to know about Newquay Cornwall Weather

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Newquay Cornwall Weather

While those who have visited Newquay Cornwall, may argue the weather is wonderful all year round, if you have certain activities in mind, you need to know what Newquay Cornwall weather will be like on your visit.

Whether your trip is for business or for pleasure, it is important to know what kind of conditions to expect. We will take each season in turn and give you an idea of the weather pattern at that time of the year. So, if you are booking a trip, you can make an informed decision and the weather will not spoil any of your plans.

What should I expect of Newquay Cornwall Weather in the summer?

Newquay Cornwall experience summer from late June to late September. You can expect lots of sunshine with some intermittent rain. During the summer temperatures can be anywhere between 58F and 67F.

It can also get windy, but not violently so. You can look forward to clear skies during the summer months. There is little to no cloud cover. So, Newquay Cornwall Weather in summer is bright and cheerful. It is excellent weather for family fun and outdoor activities like:





Sea bathing

Zoo visits

Jet ski rides


Safe family cycling

Water sports

What should I expect Newquay Cornwall Weather to be like in the winter?

Newquay Cornwall, during the winter months is a lot quieter than during the summer. The temperatures drop, but they vary rarely reach below freezing. Temperatures are between 6 C / 43F to 9 C / 48F.

Winter comes around roughly from December to February. Newquay Cornwall Weather very rarely offers any snow. However, there is an increase in rainfall and wind in the winter. You can expect about 100 mm of rain per month. Winter brings persistent overcast conditions.

There is usually only about 20 % sunshine during winter in Newquay Cornwall. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy Newquay Cornwall weather during winter. Newquay takes on a peaceful ambience in winter.

It is an excellent time to take a couple’s retreats, business trips, or just a quiet sabbatical. Even though it may be raining outside. You can still enjoy what Newquay has to offer:

Visit various pubs and restaurants for cozy dinners.

Leisurely walk on the beach- The beaches are not crowded like the summer months and some beaches are dog-friendly. It is an excellent way to spend an evening.

 Enjoy fantastic views – Newquay’s landscapes, cliffs, and hills are majestic, to say the least.

Christmas markets – You can go shopping for friends and family.

Christmas lights – The town is spectacularly lit and is an excellent way to spend the evening.

Surfing – Winter does not stop surfing for the truly adventurous.

What about the Newquay Cornwall weather in Spring and Autumn?

Spring brings temperatures between 41F and 52F. Newquay enjoys moderate rainfall and sunshine. If you visit you will notice the villagers are happy to be out and about enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Autumn or fall experience similar conditions, with a narrow temperature range of 45F and 52F. This time of the year brings increasingly overcast conditions and increasing rainfall.

Newquay Cornwall weather has year-round perks. If you want to spend most of your time outdoors, summer is the time to visit. If you plan to spend quiet time indoors, you can visit during the winter months. However, Newquay Cornwall weather does not stop you from enjoying this wonderful destination.

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