Avalon Guest House: A Relatively Cheap Hotel In Newquay

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Avalon Guest House - A Relatively Cheap Hotel In Newquay - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

Avalon Guest House: A Relatively Cheap Hotel in Newquay

Looking for a cheap hotel in Newquay?

If you are on a budget, affordable accommodation will be a priority when choosing a hotel in Newquay. Cheap does not necessarily mean tacky and unacceptable. Tourists often choose cheap hotels in Newquay when they plan to be out and about exploring. So, their rationale is that “I’m not going to be spending much time in my room, so no need to overspend.”

While they may have a point, we don’t think anyone is going to say no to an affordable room that is also comfortable, clean and a dream to be in.

There are cheap hotels in Newquay that you can find that will suit your wallet. However, it is important that you have a strategy. So that you can get value for your money and still have a comfortable stay in Newquay.

How To Choose Cheap Hotels

Here we will help you learn the sure-fire way to choose cheap hotels in Newquay and also find an amazing place to stay.

Choose Accommodation That Is On The Outskirts.

Hotels in the main districts are usually more expensive than those in the suburbs or just a little off the beaten path. However, usually, the hotels or guesthouses that are not in the middle of town are close to public transport. Also, if you plan to rent a car for the duration of your visit, staying in the middle of town would not matter so your family can take advantage of cheaper rates.

Consider Last-minute Deals.

In order to capitalize on these awesome rates, you have to be spontaneous and a true adventurer. There a few apps that you can check out for last-minute bookings.

These rooms become available if there are last-minute cancellations or these sites often book blocks of rooms that they get at a reduced rate. These sites are then able to offer you an affordable rate while still making a profit for themselves. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Cheap hotels in Newquay are definitely within your reach.

Compare Prices, Sites And Deals.

When you are looking for cheap accommodation in Newquay. The key is to shop around. Sometimes, we simply book on what a friend has recommended or what seems to be trending online. However, when you widen your search, you may encounter hotels and guesthouses that may not be as well-known but have quite a lot to offer. Look at what you are being offered for the rate.

Avalon Guest House - A Relatively Cheap Hotel In Newquay - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

You should also check the sites for promotion codes that offer discounts. Often there are perks that go unnoticed like WiFi. Additionally, breakfast and adequate parking gives you more value for money.

While we know sometimes pictures are not 100% accurate regarding the current condition of the hotel, at least you can get a good idea. We also recommend that you look at the reviews and not only the favourable ones. Read the ones that seem to be objective. All this helps you choose a relatively cheap hotel in Newquay.

You can see how great our available rooms are, and you can book your room directly on our site.


Statistics show that those who call and negotiate directly with the hotel are often successful in landing a discount on their room rate! This is where your haggling skills come in. You can let the hotel know that you found the following prices online and if they can beat it. Depending on how busy the hotel is, you may just be able to further reduce the price of your room.

Group Or Association Discounts

Another way to find cheap accommodation in Newquay is to not let discounts from your affiliations go to waste! Sometimes hotels give discounts if you are a retiree, a student, are serving in the military, or a government employee. Enquire if you qualify for any of these discounts when you are booking. You may be surprised that this entitles you to better rate.

Avalon Guest House: A Relatively Cheap Hotel In Newquay

We at Avalon Guesthouse pride ourselves on being accessible to most visitors. Our rates are certainly competitive when compared to other cheap hotels in Newquay. We have 6 extremely comfortable rooms to choose from. From October to March, you can get a room anywhere between £60 to £75 per night. The peak season from April to September, the warmer months bring on slightly higher rates and our rooms can be rented for £80 to £95 per night.

In order to get the best rates, you need to book directly, since bookings made through a third party may incur additional charges.

We are pleased to advise that these awesome rates include breakfast.
So, you can have a wholesome breakfast prepared by us before you head out to explore Newquay,

Avalon-Guesthouse-accomodation-Newquay - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Avalon Guest House Accommodation Newquay – Towels And Soaps

You Can Expect Your Rooms At Avalon Guesthouse Newquay To Have The Following:

Air Conditioning


A Flat-screen TV

WiFi Access


Bath and/or Shower depending on the room

Adequate storage for clothes and your other personal effects

Tea and coffee service

Avalon Guesthouse Newquay is strategically located. You can easily access Tolcarne, Great Western, and Fistral beaches where you can swim or surf and enjoy the Cornish coastline any way, you wish.

Avalon Guest House is a relatively cheap hotel in Newquay, but by no means, compromises it’s service even though it is affordably priced.

Our staff are friendly and approachable. We are committed to making our guesthouse a home away from home with perks!

Your safety is also paramount during this time. All Covid-19 protocols are being observed. The guesthouse is sanitised regularly, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

As you can see, finding a relatively cheap hotel in Newquay is quite attainable. We offer a relatively cheap accommodation that still offers a comfortable living space, that is clean and gives you access to the beaches and local tourist attractions. You can come for an inexpensive holiday in Newquay, Cornwall and still have a tremendous amount of fun!

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