Crantock Beach Cornwall- A Sandy Beach Paradise

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Crantock Beach Cornwall-avalon

Crantock Beach Cornwall- A Sandy Beach Paradise

Crantock Beach Cornwall is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in the UK. Both domestic and international tourists come to its shores from far and wide to enjoy the crystal-clear waters. It is flanked by the Gannel river on the east and Pentire Headland is to its west. Crantock Beach always has visitors, when it’s warm and even when the weather is cold. You can always enjoy a peaceful walk on its inviting shores.

Crantock Beach is perfect for families, couples, sports enthusiasts, artists. Anyone who enjoys the beach really. It’s definitely worth a visit when you are in the Newquay Cornwall area. Come and enjoy the plethora of activities that Crantock Beach Cornwall has to offer. Your holiday will definitely be better with a visit. All are welcome.

Crantock Beach Cornwall-avalon
Crantock Beach Cornwall-Avalon

What Are Some Of The Activities That I Can Do At Crantock Beach Cornwall?

Outdoor water activities rule at Crantock Beach. If you are the outdoorsy type, you will be in your element. It is no wonder that so many tourists flock to its shores every year to enjoy the sand and surf. It is perfect for the following fun summer activities:


If you want to truly enjoy the aquatic wildlife of the Atlantic Ocean, you should definitely go snorkeling. You may be lucky enough to see lobsters, starfish, dolphins, seals, and seahorses. The marine life is truly spectacular at Crantock Beach Cornwall. All the equipment that you need can be rented on the beach (snorkel mask and fins). Most vacationers don’t mind trying snorkeling for the first time because the equipment is quite minimal and does not involve any heavy oxygen tanks or any other complicated gadgets.


The water is divine when it’s warm. However, you can still enjoy the waters in a wetsuit which can be rented at the beach. Children can wade safely in the shallow water at low tide. Just make sure that you walk with your sunscreen!


Crantock Beach is ideal for this invigorating sport. You can rent the required gear and the beach and head out to enjoy the waves.


You can catch some pretty decent waves at Crantock Beach Newquay. Check out Big Green Surf School if you want to try surfing for the first time. You can register for surfing, paddleboarding, and bodyboarding lessons. Also, be sure to put your safety first at all times. Beach Safety courses are also available at Crantock Beach Cornwall.

Rock exploring

This is an activity that is particularly alluring to young children. The ideal spot is where the river meets the sea. Your little ones will be engaged for hours on Crantock Beach and may find some rocks that they may want to take home as a keepsake from their trip.


This is an activity that you can enjoy solo or with your family. You can rent kayaks on the beach. Kayaks most of the time can seat one or 2 persons. Couples often gravitate to this activity. It is quite a lot of fun! The water is calm enough for even beginners to enjoy. This activity has the potential to provide some cherished memories.

Cave Exploring

You can experience a bit of the majestic geology the Newquay Cornwall has to offer. The caves are accessible during low tide. So, if you are up for some exploring, be mindful of this before you go on your adventure.

Is Crantock Beach Cornwall Lifeguard Protected?

Is Crantock Beach Cornwall Lifeguard Protected-avalon
Is Crantock Beach Cornwall Lifeguard Protected-Avalon

Yes, it certainly is. You and your family can swim safely at Crantock Beach. Lifeguards are on duty from May to September, which is the peak season.

Is There Adequate Parking At Crantock Beach?

Yes, you can park your car at Crantock Beach car park. It is adjacent to the beach and best of all, It’s free. There are 150 spaces available.

Can I Bring My Dog To Crantock Beach?

Yes, Crantock Beach is a dog-friendly beach. However, we encourage you to be responsible by following some ground rules that will allow everyone to enjoy the beach.

• Keep your dog on a lead so that other patrons are not bothered or harmed.

• Clean up after your dog so that the beach is left clean for other patrons.

• If the beach is crowded do not allow your dog into the water, other patrons may find this off-putting.

Are There Any Covid19 Restrictions On Crantock Beach?

Open areas are generally safer when it comes to the spread of Covid19. However, face masks are recommended where possible. Social distancing is also encouraged where feasible. Stay with the people you came with and minimize any unnecessary mingling.

Can I Get Refreshments At Crantock Beach Cornwall?

You will definitely not go hungry at Crantock beach. There are several cafes to choose from so you will not have to pack food unless you want to. We know that generally, people tend to splurge while they are on holiday. And why not? Treat yourself! Here are some of our top café choices:

C-Bay Café, Bar & Bistro– This café overlooks Crantock Beach and offers a stunning view and soothing ambiance. You will be treated to a wide selection of food and a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Traditional fish and chips, sandwiches, and burgers are also on the menu. Their desserts are absolutely out of this world and as you can imagine they always have repeat customers. If you are vegan or vegetarian, C-Bay Café has got you covered. There are several fish and plant-based options on the menu to choose from.

Fern Pit Café & Ferry– You have an awesome view of the Gannel Estuary and Crantock Beach from this café. This restaurant is renowned for its lobster salads and crab sandwiches. We recommend that you try them once you are not allergic! Another treat that is offered by this café is a ferry ride. Children and adults alike enjoy taking the little jaunt from Crantock Beach to East Pentire Headland.

Cargo Coffee- This café serves up several types of sandwiches- cheese, tomato, ham, and hummus just to name a few. They also serve organic coffees, teas, hot chocolate, ice cream, cake, and cold drinks. Their friendly staff is ready to serve you!

Old Albion– This pub should definitely be on your list. It’s quite a popular water hole among tourists and residents alike. You can also have burgers, fish and chips, and desserts. They also have an impressive wine selection if wines are your thing.

What Can I Look Forward To In Crantock Village?

What Can I Look Forward To In Crantock Village-avalon
Crantock Village-Avalon

Once you visit a new place, you should always experience it to the fullest and Cornish Villages are absolutely delightful. There is a certain rustic charm that visitors always find particularly appealing. There are several tourist attractions that are worth a visit, our top picks:

St. Carantoc Church

It’s one of the oldest churches in the UK. It was built in the 5th Century and people have worshipped in it from then to today. If you like old architecture, you will love visiting this historically rich site.

Lappa Valley

This railway takes passengers from Benny Hall to East Wheal Rose. It is quite popular, especially among the kids. They will also love the boat ride. It’s an excellent way to see some of Crantock Village. There is a wonderful play area for toddlers. They can build sandcastles and jump on the trampolines. All equipment is sanitized and regular intervals during the way. What you may not know about the Lappa Valley Railway is that it is one of the oldest tracks in Cornwall

Crantock Bay Spa

If you are looking for a relaxing massage and just a way to unwind on your vacation, you should definitely check out Crantock Bay Spa. They are located at West Pentire Headland overlooking Crantock Beach. The phenomenal view adds to the relaxation experience at the spa. You can get pedicures, manicures, and massages. You can enjoy the 12.5-meter heated pool. We recommend that you devote at least one day of your vacation to destress.

Chris Simmons Seascapes Workshop

If you are into photography and want to take a little bit of that breath-taking Cornish scenery back with you, you need to check out this workshop. You will be taken on a tour of the most scenic bays, coves, and other seascapes to photograph. It’s an experience that few tourists forget.

Are Any Festivals Held In Crantock?

Actually, if you are on holiday in Crantock Cornwall in September, you can enjoy the Crantock Music Festival. This year would be the 6th Music Festival. You will be treated to a wide selection of musical genres. Attendees will be in for a veritable musical treat.

Crantock Beach and Crantock Village have a lot to offer to holidaymakers. The beach has an activity for everyone. Even those who just want to sit on the sand and read a good book. We recommend that you experience all the Crantock has to offer whether it’s the restaurants, the pubs, the spa or the tourist attractions. We can assure you that the Crantock vacation experience will not disappoint. Make your arrangements today.

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