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Crantock Beach Newquay has been voted one of the best beaches in the United Kingdom. Its sandy dunes are located at the mouth of the Gannel estuary. So, if you are on holiday in the Newquay area, you should definitely visit. Crantock Beach Newquay is usually abuzz with activity.

There is always something to do. Whether you are traveling with family or you are on a romantic getaway, Crantock Beach Newquay will not disappoint. Here we will give you a sneak peek into what your holiday will look like at Crantock Beach Newquay.

What can I do at Crantock Beach Newquay?

This beach offers the full ambit of outdoor water activities. Crantock Beach Newquay is suitable and safe for the following activities especially during the summer months:



Wind-surfing (you can rent your gear on the beach

So, if you are on holiday in the Newquay area, you should definitely visit. Crantock Beach Newquay is usually abuzz with activity.


If you want to try any of the activities above for the first time, we encourage you to check out Big Green Surf School. In order to fully enjoy this beautiful beach, you can sign up for paddleboarding, bodyboarding, and surfing lessons. You can also take Beach Safety Courses.

Crantock Beach Newquay

Is Crantock Beach Newquay lifeguard protected?

Yes, it is. Lifeguards are on duty during the peak season from May to September.

Where can I get refreshments at Crantock Beach Newquay?

No need to worry about food when you are at the beach, there is a good Crantock beach café to satisfy your cravings. We recommend the following cafés that are right on the beach:

C-Bay Café, Bar& Bistro– The café offers a wonderful ambiance as it overlooks the Crantock Beach. They offer a wide selection. There is a wonderful breakfast buffet. Additionally, you can get your traditional fish and chips, burgers, sandwiches. Their desserts are heavenly and keep satisfied customers coming back for more. If you are vegetarian, your needs are adequately met with fish and plant-based options.

Fern Pit Café & Ferry– This café also overlooks the Crantock Beach and the Gannel Estuary. The restaurant is known for its crab sandwiches and lobster salads. You can also enjoy a ferry ride when you visit the Fern Pit Café. The ferry operates between East Pentire Headland and the Crantock Beach.

Old Albion– If you are looking for a water hole, you should definitely check on this popular pub.

Should I Check Out Crantock Village?

We always encourage tourists to visit the local Cornish Villages. They will certainly add to your vacation experience with their rustic charm. Crantock Village is no different. If you choose to go sightseeing. You can visit a few of these popular tourist attractions:

St Carantocus church– This church is one of the oldest churches in the United Kingdom. People have worship at this spot since the 5th century.

Lappa Valley– The railway is a popular tourist attraction. It takes tourists from Benny Hall to East Wheal Rose. It is an extremely child-friendly activity.

Crantock Beach is certainly worth visiting. You and your family will certainly enjoy both the beach and the village. Don’t delay. Make your vacation plans today.

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