Discover The Magic Of Staycations

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Discover The Magic Of Staycations - avalon guest house -

Discover The Magic Of Staycations

Are you thinking of going on holiday? You may want to consider going on a staycation. If you are unfamiliar with the term you may be wondering “ What is a staycation?”.We will explore what a staycation is and why you definitely want to get in on the fun! Staycations in Newquay Cornwall are a definite treat and we are excited to introduce you to the world of staycations in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

What Is A Staycation Holiday?

Staycation is a relatively new word that is used to describe a vacation that you take in your country, usually close to your home. The big bonus about staycations is that you don’t have to travel overseas to have a good time!

Staycations became popular during the pandemic when travel to other countries was restricted. Many persons across the planet were under lockdowns and had curfews. Many countries still require negative PCR tests to enter their country. International travel can be a hassle. Which makes staycations an absolutely brilliant option!

What Are Some Of The Unique Benefits Of A Staycation?

Staycations come with a ton of perks! Let’s dive in.

Staycations are extremely affordable.

This one is pretty obvious by choosing a staycation UK, you will save money in numerous ways. You will not have to spend a huge amount of funds on airfare. Remember the further away you go the more money you spend! Wherever you want to go in Cornwall will certainly be cheaper than an airplane ticket to another country. Accommodation is also generally more expensive overseas. If you choose to take a staycation, you will definitely be able to find a place to stay that suits your budget.

International travel may also mean that you have to get a visa depending on the country that you choose to visit. No visa is needed for a staycation! Also, to travel abroad you need to buy travel insurance. Yet another expense avoided by deciding to not go abroad on holiday. Depending on your destination, you will have to consider exchange rates. Commissions may cause you to lose a little. Attractions and places of interest in a foreign country are usually more expensive than the ones at home. So, all in all, deciding to take a staycation is easier on the pocket.

Fall in love with your country all over again on Staycation

Do you know that most people have not visited the attractions in their own country? Have you explored the beaches in Newquay? Or the truly idyllic spots in Cornwall?

Sometimes, we overlook how absolutely wonderful our own country is. You can also help boost the economy of your own nation. If you are from the city, maybe enjoy a change of pace in the countryside. Go on a hike, fish, or swim in the ocean. There is so much to do. If you are from a rural area, maybe check out the nightlife in Cornwall, explore the restaurants, or go shopping. Vacations are about a change of pace that rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul.

Discover The Magic Of Staycations – Avalon guest house –

No Jet Lag when you go on Staycation

If you have ever traveled abroad to a foreign country, you know that you often lose that first day, because you are recovering from the time difference. Often, you spend the day in bed simply recovering. On a staycation, you may decide to drive or take a train which is certainly less physically taxing. If you and your family choose to drive, the vacation basically starts on the road. You all can enjoy the sites and stops on the way to your destination. You can choose a scenic route that avoids traffic jams which all adds to the trip. This is not possible if you decide to take a flight to a foreign country. It’s a totally different experience.

Staycations are less stressful

While going off to some exotic location will have its distinct appeal. It is an extremely stressful experience. The stress starts in the preparation stage. Scouring the internet for affordable accommodation that you hope will live up to the pictures online. Then you have to ensure that your passport is up to date. If you need to get a visa you have to begin the process. This may require lengthy waiting at customs and immigration. If you decide to visit a country where you do not speak the language, it can become quite challenging.

Even though we have apps that can help, not being a native speaker of a language in a strange country can be quite disconcerting. When you are planning an international trip, you have to plan the holiday to the last detail. A staycation allows you to be more flexible. You can get up and simply decide what you are going to do that day with no hassle. Staycations are also an excellent option for families with small children.

If you have ever traveled with small children on an aircraft, you know exactly what I mean. They can become restless and irritable on long flights and can leave your nerves in utter shambles. A staycation is much easier on the little ones. If you are driving, you can literally pack everything that you will need to make the trip more comfortable for you and them.

Staycations are perfect for weekend getaways and a couple of days off

If you just need a short impromptu break, a staycation is ideal. It allows you to be spontaneous and get away with minimal planning. All you will have to do is just find out where you are going to stay, pack your bags and get on the road.

Short breaks are excellent for your mental health. Sometimes, you just need to get away for a little while to recharge your batteries. Most people underestimate the value of taking breaks, you usually come back happier, healthier, and more productive,

Staycations can give you more holiday time

You waste less time on a staycation. You totally eliminate those useless empty hours in an airport. There is no flight time on an aircraft. If your schedule and time permit, you can extend your holiday easier on a staycation than when you are in a foreign country.

What Should I Pack For A Staycation?

One of the benefits of going on a staycation, especially if you are driving you can pack as much as you would like to take with you on your trip. Even if you are staying in a guesthouse, you can pack all the items that you think will make you more comfortable and make your experience more enjoyable. We consider this one of the best benefits of staycations. Here is a list of items to help with your packing process. Of course, the list can be modified if you have children, we will try to be as exhaustive as possible.

• Pop-up beach tent (perfect for relaxing on the beach)

• Windbreaker jackets ( if you decide to go out on a sailing boat, you will be warm and dry)

• Picnic basket ( for those days you want to spend on the beach)

• Beach blanket

• Toiletries ( shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, skincare products, bath towels, hair combs, brushes, for women – feminine products, hair accessories, makeup)

• Medication

• First aid kits (for any little scrapes and bruises that may be sustained exploring the Cornish coast.

• Sunscreen

• Insect repellent

• Face masks( depending on where you go in may be required

• Sanitizer

• Clothes- Sleepwear, underwear, swimsuits, sportswear, socks)

• Camera

• Powerbank

• Phone charger

If you have a baby, you are probably already accustomed to packing for small outings with your baby or toddler. This list is just an expansion of those things you would pack when taking your out. This is our list if you have babies or small children:

• Diaper bag

• Disposable diapers

• Wipes

• Changing pad

• Plastic

• Baby clothes

• Light blanket

• Pacifier

• Bibs

• Washcloths

• Hat

• Pajamas

• Shoes/booties

• Socks

• Bay sunscreen

• Swim diapers

• Baby body wash

• Bottles

• Bottle sanitizer

• Formula

• Baby Utensils

• Toys

• Baby carrier/Carseat

• Playmat

Of course, you can add items to this list as you see fit, that will suit the individual needs of you and your baby.

What Are The Best Activities And Attractions In Newquay Cornwall?

Newquay Cornwall is a fantastic staycation destination. Why? There is so much to do and see! And what is truly fantastic is that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is truly one of those places that rarely disappoint.


It’s not surprising that many of the activities in Newquay Cornwall involve the beaches. If you love the ocean, a staycation in this picturesque location will tick all of your boxes.

You can surf, swim, and go kayaking. If you are there to simply relax, long walks on the beach will definitely be a memory you will cherish. There are a number of beaches to choose from. Here are our top picks:

• Crantock Beach

Crantock Beach newquay cornwall - Avalon Guest House -
Crantock Beach newquay cornwall – Avalon Guest House –

• Great Western Beach

• Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach newquay cornwall - Avalon Guest House -
Fistral Beach Newquay Cornwall – Avalon Guest House –

• Newquay Beach

• Porth Beach

• Towan Beach

• Tolcarne Beach

Again, this list is not exhaustive so feel free to explore.

Hiking is another activity that you can try while you are on your staycation in Newquay Cornwall. It is an excellent way to experience the majestic Cornwall coastline. The fresh air and the unforgettable view of the Atlantic Ocean will simply take your breath away.


There are several attractions in this region. Some are historical in nature; some offer fun activities that are unique to the Newquay Cornwall area. Maybe you can some of the attractions that we have put together below:

• Newquay Zoo

• Pirate Quest Adventure Golf

• Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay

Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay - Avalon Guest House -
Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay – Avalon Guest House –

• Lappa Valley Railway

• Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

• Newquay Trampoline and Play Park

• Newquay Heritage Archive and Museum

• Newquay Leisure World

Again, this list is small, but it is a good starting point.

There is also no shortage of restaurants and pubs. There is a thriving nightlife scene and if you just enjoy shopping for keepsakes for loved ones in the Town Centre. It’s always a bonus to know where the best restaurants and pubs are while you are on holiday. We recommend sampling the local cuisine and brews at these spots:

• Rick Stein Fistral (Fish and Chips and exotic Indian and Middle Eastern dishes)

• Bush Pepper (Australian restaurant where Australian and Cornish flavors meet)

• Butcher’s Bistro (seafood, Cornish dishes, steak, wine, and beer)

• The Fistral Beach Stable ( Pizza, beer, cider with a view)

• Lost Brewing Co. Café & Craft Beer Bar ( Café during the day where you can get all your meals and bar at night where you can sample more than 40 craft beers)

• Inca Mar Restaurant & Cocktail Bar (Spanish and Peruvian Cuisine)

• Maharajah (Indian cuisine)

• Domino’s Pizza Newquay

• The Bearded Brewery (Award-winning Cider)

There is an amazing variety of cuisine to choose from when you visit Newquay Cornwall. You can literally try a different restaurant every day while you are on vacation and never get bored.

Why not make Avalon Guesthouse your next staycation destination? We cater to all types of guests, families, couples, groups of friends, sports enthusiasts, and much more. There are 6 modern, pristine rooms to choose from. They are fitted with every convenience for your comfort. Each room has a flat-screen TV, free wifi, hairdryer, tea/ coffee station, wardrobe, and drawers for you to store your belongings.

Avalon Guest House -
Avalon Guest House –

We are conveniently located so that you can access the city center, attractions, and the beautiful Cornwall coast.

While we may not be in the middle of the pandemic, we are still committed to following the Covid19 protocols to ensure that our guests are safe and comfortable during their stay.

We sanitize our common areas and rooms throughout the day. If you prefer room service rather than eating in the dining room that can be arranged.

Our room rates are affordable and can be booked online.

Enjoy our delicious breakfast that is prepared with all local ingredients. You will feel at home away from home on your staycation with us. We can’t wait to have you!

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