Fistral Bay Newquay – The Surfer’s Perfect Getaway.

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Fistral Bay Newquay Cornwall - Avalon Guest House -

If you love the beaches and you are on vacation in Cornwall, Fistral Bay Newquay should definitely be on your list. In fact, you can spend your entire getaway here and have a pretty enjoyable time. Fistral Bay Newquay is on the north coast of Cornwall, England. Here we will explore what The Bay has to offer.

Hit the Surf

Fistral Beach

The one activity that puts Fistral Bay Newquay on the map is surfing. It is considered one of the leading surfing destinations in the world. The wonderful thing about Fistral Bay is that there are waves for everyone.

Whether you are a beginner, just starting your surfing adventures or a seasoned pro you can catch waves and have an amazing time. However, The Bay is known for its gigantic waves. For this reason, it is the venue for some of the major surfing competitions in the United Kingdom.

If you are a professional surfer, an enthusiast or you just like watching the pros catch big waves, you can watch or be a part of the following UK Competitions.

  • Boardmasters– As the name implies while surfing is a big part of this competition is does involves skateboarding and music. It’s fun and exciting if you are in Fistral Bay Newquay in August. So be sure to check it out!
  • Board surfing Championships – Both the men and ladies’ competition will be held this year at Fistral Bay.
  • English National Surfing Championships – This is carded for March this year.
  • King of the Groms Junior Surf Festival – This is the competition for the young and upcoming surfer. As would be expected, Fistral Bay Newquay caters to all surfing needs. You can buy equipment or you can get some surfing lessons if it is your first time! Also, you can put your mind at ease with regard to safety. Fistral Bay is well patrolled by lifeguards who work from May to September with volunteers covering the beach during the winter months.


There are many hotels and guesthouses to stay in Fistral Bay Newquay. Here are a few where you can reserve a booking.

  • Headland Hotel and Spa
  • Carnmarth Hotel
  • The Carlton
  • The Atlantic Hotel
  • Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa
  • The Esplanade Hotel
  • Travelodge Newquay Seafront Hotel
  • OYO Minerva Guesthouse
  • Berties Lodge

Other things to do in Fistral Bay Newquay

If you are not into surfing you can still have a good time in Fistral Bay Newquay. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, and spas.

  • The Fistral Stable- You can get late-night pizza here.
  • Sea Spray – An excellent all-day cafe with a magnificent view of the sea.
  • Rick Stein, Fistral – Amazing fish at great prices.

You can take advantage of the spas at The Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa, The Headland Hotel and Spa and Luxury Spa at the Headland Hotel.

Fistral Bay Newquay is an excellent holiday destination. Even though surfing is the main attraction. It is a pretty family-friendly getaway location. So if you are in Cornwall, England, don’t overlook Fistral Bay, it has much to offer to the would-be vacationer.

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