Make Coasteering Your Next Adventure in Newquay Cornwall

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Make Coasteering Your Next Adventure in Newquay Cornwall -

Make Coasteering Your Next Adventure in Newquay Cornwall

Would you like to explore the Newquay coastline intimately? Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you love the water and also enjoy a good hike? Maybe you are looking for a new activity to try. Well, coasteering in Newquay might just be the activity for you! Newquay Cornwall has one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world. It is truly a geological treasure. And we recommend coasteering to really experience it in all its natural splendour.

So now that we have your attention, you may be wondering what is coasteering? We don’t blame you; it is not a term that you hear every day. The phrase was coined by John Cleare and Andy Middleton. It is a combination of the words “coast” and “mountaineering”. It was commercially introduced around 1985 and has become quite popular in the Newquay, Cornwall and throughout the United Kingdom

Coasteering is essentially the perfect way to explore a coastline. You will be engaging in a variety of activities. You may engage in all or combination of the following depending on the coasteering trail:

Jumping and Diving- First-time coasteerers are usually worried or excited about the jumps and dives. However, in actuality, this takes up the least amount of time at a coasteering session. Be sure to enjoy the adrenaline rush if you get the opportunity to!

• Swimming- You need to be able to swim to go coasteering. Sometimes providers use ropes and harnesses to cross certain areas of the route but sometimes you have to swim especially if you want to explore certain caves along the Cornwall coastline. We recommend that you practice doing laps in your nearest pool. Most pools are at least 50 m long. It’s also a good way to get fit and build up your stamina for the potentially rigorous coasteering sessions. Remember the waters are not always going to be calm and you need to keep yourself afloat.

• Climbing and scrambling- While you don’t have to be an athlete, we recommend doing some strength training. You should work on your upper body strength for scrambling and strong legs are an asset for climbing. So don’t skip leg day at the gym. If you are relatively fit, your coasteering experience will be better.

It’s physically demanding and a total body workout with the best view! Coasteering is just you and the coastline, no bike, no canoes, no kayaks. Just you and the coast. Are you excited yet?

Even though it’s you against the elements, you still need gear. Here are some of the must-haves for coasteering in Newquay Cornwall:

• Wetsuit

• Buoyancy aid

• Helmet

• Gloves

• Sneakers/trainers

• Shorts

• Sunscreen

As you can tell that the gear focuses on protection and comfort as you embark on your adventure. Now that you are ready and rearing to go, let’s get into the best coasteering spots in Newquay Cornwall.


What really makes Newquay Cornwall perfect for coasteering is what the entire landscape has to offer. Newquay has an incredibly rich history and as you explore you often have the opportunity to step into the past. It’s really a surreal experience at times. The flora and fauna are also phenomenal. The geology is challenging and brings the right balance of physical rigour and relaxation. To say that Newquay’s coastline will leave you invigorated is an understatement.

Below we will take the Newquay’s coast in three sections so you can get an idea of what you will see and the kind of terrain that you will encounter.

Fistral and Towan Headland

What can you expect to see?

• Fistral’s beautiful white sandy beach

• Cribbar Reef- It is just off the coast. Get up close and personal with several species of aquatic life and beautiful coral.

• Caves- Its believed that these caves were used by pirates.

• Shipwrecks- many ships ran aground in this area, most likely caused by not seeing the reef on a cold stormy night.

Newquay Bay, Porth Beach and Lusty Gaze

What can you expect to see?

• Majestic cliffs that separate the Tolcarne’s sand beach and Lusty Gaze. These cliffs are ideal for climbing. You can experience these cliffs at both high and low tide. Totally different experiences but equally exciting.

• Southwest Coast Path- offers a magnificent view of the Atlantic.

• Porth Island- Also called Trevelgue Head. There is a blowhole in the middle of the island that you can see at mid-tide. The best time to see it is on windy days, so don’t miss out.

• Port Island also has an Iron Age Fort. Get a chance to learn something about Newquay’s rich history.

• Some of the best diving spots along the Cornwall coast.

Pehnale, Holywell and Pentire

What can you expect to see?

• The former Penhale Military Centre- You will be able to explore a historical site that was a part of World War 2. The camp was bombed by German forces resulting in 23 fatalities. Be sure to pay your respect to these brave young men.

Gannel Estuary- The calm waters offer a nice luxurious swim into the ocean.

• Pentire Headland- Several secluded caves that can be explored. Also, at low tide, a secluded beach is revealed. Only coasteerers can access it, quite the exclusive experience.

• St Cuthbert’s Cave- It is only reachable at low tide. Stunning stalagmites are immediately visible when entering the cave. In years gone by, it was thought that the cave had healing powers.

Of course, this is just a sneak peek preview of what the Cornwall coastline has to offer, but we are sure that your interest is peaked.

Coasteering in Newquay has something for everyone. You can choose the route that best suits your fitness level.

Another important factor to consider when coasteering in Newquay Cornwall, is connecting with a reputable provider. Your provider should prioritise your safety while making sure that you have the ultimate coasteering experience.

We have put together our recommendations below.


There are several coasteering providers to choose from in Newquay Cornwall. Here are some details of some of our favourites to help you decide!

Bare Feet Coasteer

They are located on Fistral Beach. They cater to kids from 8 years and up. So, if you are a family of coasteerers, Bare Feet Coasteer might be the perfect fit for you. The coasteering session is three hours and is led by a coasteering expert who is also a certified lifeguard. You can try coasteering for the first time with Bare Feet once you can swim 50 meters. You will be provided with the equipment that is required for the session.

No two coasteering sessions are the same since weather conditions can change from day to day. One of Bare Feet’s favourite routes is the Gazzle, its versatile with varying levels of difficulty that can be adjusted to the level of the coasteerers on the trip. The wildlife is awesome on this trip. Expect to see seagulls. seals, cormorants and so much more. There is also adequate parking at the facility.

Newquay Activity Centre

This facility offers a wide range of activities, Coasteering being one of them. They have several trained instructors who ensure that you have a safe and exciting adventure. Newquay Activity Centre also offer family-friendly coasteering. They accommodate children as young as 6-year-olds. They simply adjust the session to suit the skill level of the group.

You can also experience the Gazzle with Newquay Activity Centre. Its sort of the go trail since it has something for every coasteerer.

Sessions are 2 hours long. Unfortunately, there is no parking. But no worries you can use public transportation to get to the Newquay Activity Centre

King Coasteer

Make Coasteering Your Next Adventure in Newquay Cornwall -
Make Coasteering Your Next Adventure in Newquay Cornwall –

This coasteering facilitator provides a 3-hour experience. They explore all the beautiful spots that North Cornwall has to offer. If you are trying coasteering for the first time, this might be the provider for you! They focus on teaching. Here are some of the coasteering skills you will learn:

• Low-level rock climbing

• Scrambling techniques

• Jumping techniques

King Coasteer provides everything that you will need for your coasteering session. Simply pack a swimsuit and you are good to go!

They take coasteerers as young as 8 years old and there is on-site parking as well.

Cornish Wave

They welcome coasteerers of all ages. The sessions are 2 hours and you can choose the time slot that is convenient to you. There are 3 sessions per day (9 am, 12 pm and 3 pm)

They cater specifically for groups and give really reasonable prices on request.

They explore the North Cornwall coastline. Expect everything from jumping into the choppy waves to having a front-row seat to a whirlpool.

Unfortunately, there is no parking so make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Harlyn Surf School

The school offers a wide arrange of activities, coasteering being one of them. They take coasteerers from 12 years and up. You must be a competent swimmer. Their sessions are 1.5 hrs of intense fun!

They also offer Monster SUP Coastering which is a combination of stand-up paddle surfing and coasteering. It’s perfect for private groups. You need to at least have friends to try this activity.

They welcome all groups- stag/hen parties, school children, corporate teams (it’s a wonderful teambuilding exercise!)

If they deem that the weather conditions may affect safety they will reschedule accordingly or offer another activity. Refreshment options are nearby.

Average Price of Coasteering

Coasteering sessions usually cost somewhere between £45 to £55 per person. Naturally, if you have a group some providers offer special rates.

Best time to go Coasteering

Coasteering is very dependent on good weather conditions if it is too windy or the seas are too rough, it is not advisable to do the session.

Coasteering providers pay attention to the daily tidal movements since this will determine if particular caves are accessible.

If you are wondering if Coasteering depends on seasons, the answer is no. You can go coasteering through the year. You just need to make small adjustments to your gear to ensure that you stay warm during the winter months.

Safety and Coasteering

You may be wondering if Coasteering is safe. You can be assured that those who provide coasteering services do the due diligence to ensure your safety.

Your instructor will be a trained coasteering expert who is also a lifeguard. This is particularly important if anyone gets into difficulty in the water or needs first aid along the way. Scrapes and small cuts may need to be attended on the spot.

Your wetsuit will help keep you warm, preventing Hypothermia. Helmets prevent any potential head injuries. Gloves protect your hands as you climb and scramble over the cliffs. The rope and harnesses keep you safe in the event that you have to cross any dicey terrain.

You also have a part to play in your safety. We recommend that you become a competent swimmer and improve your physical condition and stamina. You should also be alert on the trails. Many mishaps can be avoided if you pay attention to your surroundings. Above all, follow the directives of your instructors and keep with your group.

Of course, you will need a place to stay while you go coasteering in Newquay Cornwall. Why don’t you stay with us at Avalon Guest House?

We provide affordable accommodation in a quiet residential area in Newquay. The guesthouse is conveniently located near several beaches and the town centre.

Our rooms are comfortable and modern and are fitted with every convenience including a flat-screen TV, refrigerator and so much more.

We offer a healthy delicious breakfast that will help you start your coasteering adventure right. If you are a vegetarian, we have got you covered since we cater to varying dietary needs.

The hotel adheres to all the Covid19 protocols with regular sanitization routines in the rooms and common spaces.

Avalon Guest House cater to all types of guests- families, couples, groups. We hope that we can be part of your coasteering experience on the beautiful coastline of Newquay Cornwall.

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