Mousehole, Cornwall

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Mousehole Cornwall -

Mousehole, Cornwall

If you are looking for an interesting holiday destination, Mousehole, Cornwall may be the perfect place for you! Mousehole, Cornwall is a beautiful fishing village, nestled between Land’s End and Penzance.

Where Should I Visit In Mousehole, England?

While in Mousehole, Cornwall, there are a few tourist attractions that you should definitely put on your to-visit list:

Mousehole Harbour

This harbour is really picturesque and offers a spectacular ocean view. There are several places to eat and drink along the shoreline and you can really make a day of it.

Mouse Bird Hospital

If you are a bird lover, you will absolutely love visiting Mouse Bird Hospital. It is a sanctuary for birds. It’s open all year round and admittance is absolutely free!

You will see gulls and corvids mostly, but it is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with nature. You can also donate to the cause so that the great work that they are doing can be continued.

The Tyler Gallery

This is one of the art galleries in the heart of Mousehole, Cornwall that showcases contemporary art pieces.

A leisurely stroll through an art gallery is both relaxing and edifying. You can get cards here to take back to share with your friends and family.

The art at Tyler gallery is also on sale if you are interested.

Fitzroy Barometer

It is always wonderful to get a glimpse of a historical artefact when visiting a new place. The Fitzroy Barometer is an antique barometer that is set into the wall of The Ship Inn. The Ship Inn is a pub so you can stop in for a quick drink with your friends! The plaque gives a brief history lesson about the barometer. We won’t spoil it by giving out the details here. Go and discover for yourself.

Mousehole Harbour -
Mousehole Harbour – Avalon Guest House

What Activities Are Available In Mousehole, Cornwall?

Coastline Cruising

While you are in Mousehole, Cornwall, you should definitely take a cruise around the beautiful Cornish coastline. There is so much to see. You can get close up and personal with the local wildlife. Depending on the time of year you visit, you may see the dolphins and seals. You may even see sharks. The seabirds are always on duty. It’s always awesome to be out on the open ocean.

Guided Walking Tours

There are so many walking tours to choose from if you want to explore Mousehole, Cornwall. Your tour guide will take you on walks that allow you to see the popular sites and also allow you to enjoy the scenic coast.

You can also take a heritage walk, these walks usually take you to places that give you a glimpse of the history of this Cornish area.

The Ship Inn Mousehole -
The Ship Inn Mousehole – Avalon Guest House

Where Can I get A Bite In Or Near Mousehole Cornwall?

Knowing the best places to eat when on vacation can make or break your trip! Here are some restaurants and pubs that will definitely satisfy your every craving.

Fore Street

This restaurant has a wide variety of food to choose from. You can enjoy seafood, British cuisine, vegetarian options. There is a full bar and outdoor seating which is available too.

The Old Coastguard Hotel Restaurant

If you love European Cuisine, this is your spot. They have a great menu. You can look forward to enjoying local oysters, mackerel, venison, duck and so much more!


No trip or vacation is complete without having your favorite desserts and Jelbert’s is definitely the answer. Their ice creams are absolutely divine!

Rock Pool Café

This is a wonderful little café where you can grab a sandwich or get a bit of cake if you have a sweet tooth.

Are There Any Beaches In Mousehole England?

We know while you are on vacation, you often like a beach visit or two. To be honest, Mousehole in Cornwall is not really known for its beaches. However, there are two that are worth mentioning.

There is the beach in front of the Old Coastguard hotel. It is a bit on the pebbly side.

The other one is a delightful sandy patch near the harbour that swimmers and sea bathers visit.

Mousehole Beach -
Mousehole Beach – Avalon Guest House

What Is Mousehole Cornwall Famous For?

Mousehole Cornwall is famous for its amazing Christmas lights! Winter is actually their busiest tourist time. The lights are really worth the trip. The town is lit up so spectacularly and it seems that every year it gets bigger and brighter. Even the boats in the harbour are bedecked with lights. The lights are switched on mid-December and they stay on until Mid-January. So if you visit during this time you are in for a treat!

Another thing that has put Mousehole Cornwall on the map is the children’s book, “the Mousehole Cat”. It is beautifully illustrated and children love it. This book as also been performed on stage, much to the delight of play lovers.

Where Can I Stay When I Am Visiting Mousehole England?

We encourage you to enjoy the hospitality of Avalon Guesthouse Newquay. Our guesthouse is equipped for any type of visitor. Whether you are in Mousehole on vacation, a romantic getaway or business trip, you will be met with impeccable service.

Our rates are affordable, and you will be treated to a warm friendly service as soon as you walk through the door.

As COVID-19 continues to impact some aspects of travel, you will be happy to know that we are committed to the highest levels of sanitisation. Rooms and all services are sanitised regularly to keep you and your family safe while you stay with us.

Avalon-Guest-House-Newquay-Cornwall -
Avalon Guest House Newquay Cornwall – The Galahad Room

The dining room is kept sanitized and we have a mask policy as soon as you enter the hotel. This policy is to keep you and the rest of our guests safe.

Each room is equipped with every amenity. Our staff are competent and ready to ensure that you have a pleasant stay. We also offer free Wifi for our guests.

Avalon Guesthouse Newquay is conveniently located that you can enjoy the various beaches and enjoy the relics of the town.

So, as you continue to explore the Cornwall area, be sure to make a stop in Mousehole Cornwall, this village definitely has something to offer to enhance your holiday experience.

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