Newquay Beach – Why should I visit?

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While there are many beaches in Cornwall, Newquay beach stands out as one of the beaches that you should definitely visit.

You don’t need to worry about accommodation and facilities. Whether you are a local, or tourist visiting the area for the first time, you are sure to enjoy this beach. There is something for everyone. If you are there to relax or you are there seeking adventure, Newquay beach can deliver. Let’s take a closer look at one of England’s coastal treasures.

What are some of the activities you can look forward to?

During the summer months, Newquay beach is abuzz with activity. You can indulge in any or all of the following:

Swimming – Newquay beach is a lifeguard protected beach, so you and your family can be safe.

Surfing – This beach has excellent waves, suitable for both the beginner and the pro.

Walking – These gorgeous sandy dunes are perfect for idyllic strolls.

Dog-walking – Newquay beach is dog-friendly. You are allowed to walk your dog on the beach before May 1st.

Are there restaurants and bars nearby?

You don’t have to worry about refreshments at Newquay beach. There are many restaurants and bars in and around Newquay. Here are some of the popular spots that you can access while you are at the beach.

The Fish Bar – As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in seafood.

The Living Space – It’s open all day and is walking distance from the beach.

Barracuda Atlantic – Another seafood restaurant with great reviews.

On the Rocks – Bar with games and outdoor seating. It offers a casual setting where you can get your beer or wine.

Belushi’s – It is a family-friendly establishment where you can get beers, free water refills, and a special kid’s menu. They also offer late-night food and live music.

Steam – A casual establishment that offers beer, coffee, and breakfast while taking in the coastal views.

Does Newquay Beach have parking?

There is parking nearby. The closest car parks are Mount Wise Car Park, Towan Headland Car Park, and Pentire Headland Car Park

Accommodation near Newquay Beach

Newquay is a thriving tourist location and there is enough accommodation to handle the large numbers of tourists that flock to the area during the summer. However, Avalon Guest House Newquay comes highly recommended. It is both affordable and family-friendly. You can expect good customer service. The guest house offers an English breakfast every morning before your head off on your adventures. If you would like lunch and dinner as well, the management of the hotel can organize your meals once they are given notice. Free wifi and parking are available for guests. The Avalon Guest House is situated near to the railway station and the bus service. It is perfect for small groups traveling together for either business or recreation.

As you can tell, Newquay Beach is definitely worth looking into. There are adequate accommodations and facilities for tourists who wish to visit. Newquay beach remains one of the jewels of Cornwall, England forever worthy of recognition.

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