Newquay Family Holidays : The Best Experience Ever

Newquay Family Holidays - Avalon Guesthouse -

Newquay Family Holidays

Newquay family holidays are events that you and your family are bound to enjoy! The town of Newquay is full of family-friendly fun. Your children are guaranteed a good time and you will not be left out in the process. We have put together a list of a few of our favorite places and activities that are bound to take your family on the perfect family adventure! Let’s get into it.

Newquay Zoo – Avalon Guesthouse

Newquay Zoo

Your Newquay holiday would not be complete without a visit to the Zoo. Newquay has a wide variety of animals and many of them are rare species that are currently protected. Here are some of the animals that you may see:

Yellow-breasted Capuchin

Six banded Armadillo

African Comb Duck

Philippine Spotted Deer

Several species of Lemur (White belted ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemur, and crowned lemur)

African Lion

Scarlet Macaw

Numerous kinds of monkeys

Brazilian tapir

And so much more!! You and your children can get up close and personal with some of the animals. Be sure to contact them first so that you can get an idea of the available time slots.

Newquay Family Holidays - Avalon Guesthouse
Pirate’s Quest – Newquay – Avalon Guesthouse

Pirate’s Quest

Here your children will be treated to some swashbuckling adventure. Pirate’s Quest in beautiful Newquay offers a once in a lifetime experience of dazzling special effects. You will be treated to talented theatrical actors who bring the characters of Captain Blackbeard, Black Bart, Puritan Pirate, Anne Bonny the Princess of Piracy, and Henry Every back to life. It is certainly a wonderful addition to your Newquay holiday. The experience is an hour-long where you explore different pirate scenes. It is definitely worth it!

Dairyland Farm Park

This park offers another animal extravaganza that will add to your family holiday in Newquay. Conveniently located in Summercourt, Newquay, your children will be treated to personal experiences with kids, lambs, donkeys, rabbits, and piglets. You will also be able to meet Lawrence the Llama. There are several seasonal events and nature trails for you and your family to explore. Admission is affordably priced and children under 80 cm are free!

Newquay Land Train

This is a fun activity for the entire family and a great way to sightsee. The land train sets off from Newquay Bus Station every hour until 4:00 pm. Your tour guide will point out all the noteworthy locations leaving you and your family a little more knowledgeable about Newquay.


A Holiday in Newquay is never complete without a trip to the beach. You can check out Lusty Glaze Beach, The Gannel Estuary and the Newquay Harbour. There are numerous other beaches that you can visit where you can swim, surf or simply enjoy long relaxing walks.

While you are in Newquay, we have the perfect place for you to stay, Avalon Guest House. It is conveniently located at 4 Edgcumbe Gardens. It is the perfect space for you and your family. You can look forward to comfortable accommodation and warm hospitality. Avalon Guest House is also close to Tolcarne Beach and the town center.

Newquay family holidays are known for their versatility. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what a holiday in Newquay has to offer. Book your ticket today and start your ultimate vacation.

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