Newquay Harbour

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Newquay Harbour -

Newquay Harbour

Newquay harbour can certainly be counted among the prominent tourist attractions in Newquay. Thousands of visitors enjoy the Newquay harbour every year, especially during the summer months.

What Is The History Of Newquay Harbour?

The harbour has been in existence for quite some time. It is actually responsible for the town’s name change. Originally, the area was known as Towan Blystra. In 1439, a stone quay was built. The town soon became known for this new quay and eventually, everyone started calling it Newquay!

According to Newquay harbour history, the port was always bustling with activity. It was known for being used in the exportation of china clay, grain and iron ore. Additionally, traders would import salt, limestone, salt and manure. It was ideal for trade since it was well connected via railway tunnels and numerous routes throughout the town. They continued to modernize and expand by building a jetty in 1870 to accommodate more schooners.

What Can I Do When I Visit?

Newquay Harbour has a lot to offer. It is the ideal spot for the following activities:

Deep-sea fishing– If you are into fishing, you can make a booking to go out on the high seas to enjoy your favourite sport.

Wreck exploring- As you may know, that once they are harbours, there will be ships that have gone down near the coastline. There are boats that take adventurers out to explore.

Marine Life exploration– There are reefs along the Newquay coastline. The marine life that is native to this area, is quite diverse and certainly worth the trip. We must make special mention of the dolphins. As you know dolphins are very sociable creatures and they often appear in Newquay harbour to give onlookers a show! You may also be fortunate enough to see the seals if you visit the harbour. However, be mindful that the The Harbour Master has advised that tourists should not feed the seals.

Boat rides– If you would like to explore the Newquay coastline, there are quite the array of pleasure boats and fishing boats to choose from. This is often a popular tourist attraction during the summer months.

What Are The Best Newquay Harbour Restaurants?

Newquay Harbour Restaurant -

Available Restaurants At The Harbour

The one thing that you don’t have to worry about if you visit, is food!
There are several excellent restaurants to choose from:

The New Harbour Restaurant– This restaurant is known for its superb seafood. You can make a reservation for lunch or dinner and enjoy the wonderful view overlooking the harbour.

The Boathouse– This restaurant also offers seafood on the beach. They are quite affordable with no compromise in quality.

Box and Barber– This café offers a taste of traditional British cuisine. They also offer vegan options. They are known for their wonderful customer service and scrumptious desserts!

If you are ever in Newquay whether on vacation, business or just passing through, be sure to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery and cuisine that Newquay harbour has to offer.

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