Newquay In Cornwall- Your Next Holiday Destination

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Newquay In Cornwall- Your Next Holiday Destination-avalon

Newquay In Cornwall- Your Next Holiday Destination

If you are considering vacationing in the Cornwall area, you may have heard Newquay mentioned several times. We can certainly say that it is a destination that does not disappoint. Thousands of tourists flock to Newquay each year to be a part of this unique holiday experience. You can enjoy the lovely beaches or the restaurants and pubs that are all over this enchanting landscape. You may wonder is Newquay in Cornwall? If you are not a geography buff, you may need some guidance and we are here to help!

Where Is Newquay In Cornwall?

Newquay In Cornwall- Your Next Holiday Destination-avalon
Newquay In Cornwall- Your Next Holiday Destination-Avalon

Newquay is an extremely popular vacation destination in the UK. It is a wonderful little town located on the Cornwall North Atlantic coast. If you try to find it on a map, it is in the southwest of England. It is about 20 miles west of Bodmin and about 12 miles north of the town of Truro. The River Gannel is on the South. Porth Valley is to the northeast and the western border is the Atlantic Ocean at Fistral Bay. Some trivia facts about Newquay Cornwall are below:

• Seaside resort

• Civil parish

• Aerospace center

• Future spaceport

There is no doubt about it, Newquay Cornwall has a lot to see and do. The natural beauty is Newquay is undeniable. We are here to help you get the most of your holiday in Newquay Cornwall.

What Flights To Newquay In Cornwall Can I Access?

Flights to Newquay in Cornwall are fairly easy to access. You can access this part of the world via the Cornwall Airport Newquay. The airport is only 3 miles away from downtown Newquay, so it is very convenient for quick travel.

10 air carriers provide flights to Newquay in Cornwall from all over the world. You can get a flight from 18 airports across the globe.

Everyone loves a nonstop flight and not having to stop over anywhere. You will be happy to know that there are 64 direct flights to Newquay in Cornwall.

However, travelers usually fly most frequently from London, Dublin, and Great Manchester Airport to Newquay Cornwall.

Flights to Newquay in Cornwall are generally affordable. In order to access the cheapest flights to Newquay in Cornwall, we recommend planning ahead, don’t leave your travel plans to the last minute. Your booking is just a few clicks away since you can make your travel arrangements online.

In this new era of travel, where Covid19 safety measures are an obvious concern. Some airlines do not fill the middle seat to create social distancing on the flight. You are provided with masks and the planes are routinely sanitized on most fights to Newquay in Cornwall.

What Are The Best Tourist Attractions In Newquay Cornwall?

We can assure you that you will not be bored in Newquay. Our Must-see attractions are listed below:

Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo-avalon
Newquay Zoo-Avalon

Everyone loves the zoo, especially children! The 150 animal species reside at the Newquay Zoo. It is quite an educational experience since the staff gives several talks during the day to teach the general public about the animals, especially the endangered species. We need to protect these animals now more than ever.

Here are some of the animals that you may see if you visit the Newquay Zoo:

• African Lions



• Marmoset monkeys


• Geckos




And the list goes on. You will be treated to a wonderful selection of the Animal Kingdom that you will not soon forget.

Trenance Gardens

Trenance Gardens-avalon
Trenance Gardens-Avalon

This is the perfect place to spend the entire day with your friends and family. The gardens are gorgeous and showcase several different plants and flowers that create a landscaping extravaganza. We suggest that you check on the roses and magnolias. They are particularly impressive.

If you are a plant person, you will be completely at home at Trenance Gardens. There are numerous activities that you can try. You can look forward to playgrounds for small children and a boating lake. Ziplining is also on the agenda, and it is a crowd favorite. You can also buy refreshments at the little café on site.

Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium-avalon
Blue Reef Aquarium-Avalon

It is the home to several exotic aquatic creatures. There is so much to see like turtles, fishes, caiman, sharks, and octopi. While we often focus on the animals you will also see the beautiful coral display. Blue Reef Aquarium also has nurseries that concentrate on species conservation. Your child will totally enjoy the Aquarium since there are interactive feeding sessions. Due to Covid19, the management and staff of the Blue Reef Aquarium have put safety measures in place for the health and wellbeing of its patrons.

There are numerous sanitization stations positioned all around the Aquarium. All our staff wear the appropriate PPE and work around the clock to ensure that the health and safety protocols are observed by all who visit. The aquarium is not at full capacity which facilitates social distancing. You are encouraged to wear a mask for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Newquay Heritage Archive and Museum

This should be your first stop if you want to learn all about Newquay Cornwall’s history. The museum gives tours. You will see different exhibits every time you visit since they are frequently changed. The museum is situated in the very center of Newquay.

Huer’s Hut

If hiking is your thing, Huer’s hut should be on your vacation itinerary. In the 14th Century, this quaint little castle was a lighthouse. Make the climb if you are in the mood for some exercise and history simultaneously.

Pirate’s Quest

This is a venue that your children will absolutely love. It recreates the magical time of the pirates in all their swashbuckling glory. The special effects are amazing and the interaction with the pirates will give your kids some wonderful memories. You and your family will also enjoy learning about the history of piracy. Pirate Quest also provides a unique golfing experience. You will golf your way through a spectacular pirate theme golfing course. We recommend that you book in advance to secure your spot. This can be done online with ease. Pirate’s Quest gives its patron’s an unforgettable experience.

Dairyland Farm Park

Dairyland Farm Park-avalon
Dairyland Farm Park-Avalon

If you are an animal lover, you are going to love Dairyland Farm Park. Here you can spend some quality time petting and enjoying the animals. There are play areas for the children all around the park. You can take a pony ride or a tractor ride. There is a museum on the compound. You can also enjoy quite a selection of food! Check out the Donut hut, Farmhouse Kitchen, BBQ Patio and Bar, and much more! You can spend an entire fun-filled day at Dairyland Farm Park.

Lappa Valley Steam Railway

An excellent way to spend some time with your family. You can enjoy a train ride or a lovely relaxing boat ride. There are several play areas for toddlers and small children that provide hours of wholesome fun. There is also a golf course. Lappa Valley is also an affordable attraction if your budget does not permit extravagance.

What Are The Best Newquay Beaches In The United Kingdom?

We can all agree that on holiday is complete without a visit to the beach!

Here is a list of our top picks of Newquay Beaches:

Great Western Beach

This is a gorgeous golden beach that is popular with swimmers and surfers alike. There are lifeguard patrols so you and your friends or family can feel safe while you enjoy the crystal-clear waters. There are also caves along the coastline that can be explored.

There are public bathrooms on the beach, and you can purchase refreshments as well. However, you should be aware that the access route to the beach is a bit on the steep side. You will need to be mindful of your footing.

Porth Beach

As far as Newquay Beaches, Porth Beach is one of the more sheltered beaches and as such is relatively protected from the fierce winds of the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is patrolled by lifeguards and is kid-friendly. Dogs are not allowed between the Easter months and September. However, they are allowed during the off-peak months. We encourage you to be responsible if you decide to take your pet to the beach. Please pick up after them, so that the beach remains clean, and everyone can enjoy it.

Also do not allow your dog to run unattended on the beach. Even if your dog is a small breed, some people are afraid of dogs. Always keep your pet on a leash especially if there are a lot of people on the beach. One of the advantages of Porth Beach is its proximity to Newquay Cornwall. It is a leisurely 30-minute walk from the town area or a 5-minute drive. You can buy refreshments from the cafes opposite the beach. There is also a pub- the Mermaid. You can also catch some decent waves at Porth Beach if you fancy surfing.

Fistral Beach

Newquay beaches are generally good surfing spots and Fistral Beach does not disappoint. It is one of the premium surfing destinations in the world. Every year, international surfing competitions are held here. Both fans and competitors flock to the beach to enjoy the sportsmanship.

Fistral Beach is a lovely long beach and can facilitate social distancing so that everyone can enjoy the sea and sand. You can access surfing equipment on the beach. There are also several restaurants and cafes nearby that you can patronize. There is adequate parking if you wish to drive there.

Tolcarne Beach

You can find this delightful beach bordered by Barrowfields and below Cliff Road. If you like organized activities, this is the beach for you. You can swim, surf and fish at this beach. There is equipment for hire for several activities, and you can even access surfing lessons from qualified BSA instructors throughout the year. Tolcarne is just a short walk from Newquay Town Centre.

Where Is The Best Place To Stay when Visiting Newquay Cornwall?

Best Place To Stay when Visiting Newquay Cornwall-avalon
Best Place To Stay When Visiting Newquay Cornwall-Avalon

We welcome you to Avalon Guesthouse Newquay where we do everything without our power to ensure that you have a grand stay!

You will be pleased to know that our accommodation is both comfortable and modern. Our staff is always on call and available to assist with whatever you need. You can put your mind at ease since we follow all the Covid19 sanitation protocols to ensure that you have a safe visit with us.

Our dining room is set up to facilitate social distancing. We also have staggered use of the room, so that at no point in time is there overcrowding. You also have the option to have your breakfast in your room if you prefer not to mingle. We offer a sumptuous breakfast made with all the local Cornwall produce. Be prepared to enjoy a traditional British breakfast that will be etched in your holiday memories.

Best Place To Stay when Visiting Newquay Cornwall-avalon
Best Place To Stay When Visiting Newquay Cornwall-Avalon

Your rooms and common spaces are routinely sanitized for your health and safety. You will be provided with a personal hand sanitizer and a mask when you arrived. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your vacation and not worry about Covid19.

Avalon Guesthouse Newquay is conveniently situated. You can easily get to Newquay Town Centre and you have beaches that are just a short walk away. This means that tourist attractions, shops, and beaches are easily accessible from Avalon Guesthouse Newquay.

We offer comfortable quality accommodation at reasonable rates. Each room can access free WiFi and is equipped with all modern conveniences like a hairdryer, flat-screen TV which help make your vacation stay more enjoyable.

We invite you to come experience Newquay in Cornwall. It has something for every tourist. The adventurer and the traveler, who is just looking for some downtime, can both feel at home. You will definitely have a memorable experience if you choose to visit Newquay in Cornwall. Book your stay today. We would love to be a part of your holiday experience.

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