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St Ives Cornwall Weather – No Obstacle To A Great Holiday

The first thing that you need to do when you are planning a holiday is to check the weather. If you are thinking of heading to St. Ives Cornwall, probably you already know what month or what season you have in mind.

Most of us want a lovely sunny day and clear skies when we are heading off on vacation. The St Ives Cornwall weather will not disappoint you. Let’s look at what you have to look forward to weather-wise while you are on holiday in St Ives Cornwall.

St Ives Cornwall

Temperatures in St Ives

If you are planning to be outdoors when you are on holiday, you will appreciate some warm weather so that you can fully enjoy your stay. St Ives Cornwall Weather can be loosely categorized into the warm season and the cool season. The warm season officially starts on June 21 and lasts till September 19. That’s roughly 3 months of warm weather.

The temperature can reach above 62F on a daily basis. It’s great weather for swimming, outdoor hikes, and walks. So if you and your family or friends want to really explore St Ives Cornwall, making reservations during these months would be a good idea. The cool season lasts from November 28 to April 5.

That about 4.5 months. Daily temperatures stay below 52 on average. February 16 is the coldest day of the year. On that day temperatures can be anywhere between 42F and high of 48F. While you will still be able to move around in this chilly weather, you may prefer the inside of a nice pub.

Rain & Snow in St Ives Cornwall

We all know that rain can really put a dent in our holiday plans if we are planning outdoor activities. St Ives Cornwall weather is as such that you can have rain pretty much anytime during the year. However, there are drier months and wetter months that can guide your choices when making your bookings.

The wetter season lasts for about 5 months, from the beginning of October to late February. Your wettest day would most likely be in early January. St Ives does get snow from time to time, but you’re more likely to have rain than anything else.

Hours of Sun in St Ives

The numbers of daylight are super important if you want to enjoy St. Ives Cornwall. It means more hours you can spend exploring this truly lovely town. That’s not to say that St Ives does not have an exciting nightlife! There are quite a few pubs and clubs.

Here are some places you can look up if you are in St Ives.

  • Pilchard Press Alehouse Micropub
  • The Castle Inn
  • The Balcony Bar and Kitchen
  • The Three Ferrets
  • The Harbour Pool and Billiards Club
  • St Ives Jazz Club
  • Attic St Ives Cornwall

This year, the shortest day will be December 21, with 8 hours, 2 minutes of daylight. the longest day will be June 20, with 16 hours, 24 minutes of daylight.

So, you may notice, that the best months to choose for a holiday are June to September. The temperature, precipitation, and sunlight are optimal for outdoor activities during these months.

If you are not the outdoorsy sought you can still visit St Ives in the off-peak season. It’s really up to you! Either way, St Ives Cornwall Weather will allow a good holiday experience regardless.

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