St Michael’s Mount: A Great Holiday Destination

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St Michael's Mount -

St Michael’s Mount

If you have ever heard of St Michael’s Mount Cornwall, you may know that it is a tidal island idyllically located in Mount’s Bay that you can walk to from the mainland. St. Michael’s Mount’s Cornish name is Karrek Loos yn Koos. Thousands of tourists visit every year and if you are planning a holiday in Cornwall, we suggest that you make a trip. Here we will discuss all that St. Michael’s Mount Cornwall has to offer to holidaymakers.

What does St Michael Mount Cornwall’s Cornish Karrek Loos yn Koos Mean?

Karrek Loos yn Koos means grey rock in wood or woodland. It may have acquired this name from a time before Mounts Bay was submerged under flood water, painting a descriptive picture of the mount.

What Attractions Can I Expect At St Michael’s Mount Cornwall?

There is quite a lot to see at St Michael’s Mount. Lots to explore! We will give you a peek into what this amazing tidal island has to offer.

The Garden

This garden at Mounts Bay is truly a delight to visiting tourists since they are pleasantly surprised by the luscious flora that lives on this tidal island.

You can look forward to enjoying the following plants in all their glory:
















Medicago Arborea




Ginger Lilies

Of course, this is only a small selection of what the garden at St Michael Mount has to offer.

You can spend your day in a number of ways in the garden. The garden trails can be explored at length. You and your family can have a picnic on Laundry Lawn. It’s an excellent time for children to learn about different type of plants. If you are a plant lover, you can even buy some of the beautiful plants you see at St Michael Mount.

The Castle

You cannot visit St Michael’s Mount without visiting the Castle. It is the crown jewel of this tidal island. The Castle is rich in history. Over the years, the Castle has been inhabited by monks and the St Aubyn family. It has been a fort and the stage for conflict. The Castle has hosted Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in recent times. If you visit you will be able to view evidence of the Castle’s rich history.

The Castle on St Michael's Mount -
The Castle on St Michael’s Mount – Avalon Guest House

Be sure to take the full tour and visit all of the following:

The Library

Sir John’s Room

Blue Drawing Rooms

The Priory Church

The Map Room

The Long Passage

The Garrison Room

The Smoking Room

Chevy Chase

The Terraces

The Castle also caters for children! Your little ones can participate in a treasure hunt for a samurai warrior’s armour, a giant’s stone heart, and a mummified cat. Your children will be fully engaged when they visit the castle. You can also take the castle quiz with them. Children are always fascinated by what the Castle has to offer. They will have fun while learning about the castle’s rich history.

The Harbour And Village

You can explore the St Michael’s Mount village and the harbour with a group. You can sign up for a tour. There are tours every day except Saturday. You can catch one at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 00:30

Fewer people live on the tidal island now than in years gone by. However, this does not mean that St Michael’s Mount is any less vibrant. They have maintained many of the historical buildings so that you can get a feel of what Cornish Karrek Loos yn Koos looked like back in the 1800s.

The Village and Harbour at St Michael's Mount in Cornwall -
The Village and Harbour at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall – Avalon Guest House

Be sure to check out some of these popular destinations:

Courtyard Shop-This was once the blacksmith’s forge.

Island Café– Fun fact, it was once the island’s laundry.

Barge House

A visit to St Michael’s Mount, Mounts Bay is always made better by a jaunt to Barge House Visitor Centre.

You can have a concentrated dose of Cornish Karrek Loos yn Koos at the Barge House. There is a permanent exhibition on all things pertaining to this tourist attraction. It is conveniently situated on the harbour front and is usually the choice for those who do not wish to go up to the Castle. The highlight of the exhibition is the model of the entire island. The good thing about this model is that you can touch it. One of the other unique features of Barge House is that the stories and experiences of the inhabitants are used to paint a picture of St Michael’s Mount.

What Beaches Can I Enjoy When I Visit St Michael’s Mount?

Of course, if you are on a tidal island, there will be beaches that you can enjoy. Here are some beaches that are near St Michael’s Mount that you are your family can visit:

Marazion Beach– While this beach is scenic with a great view of the castle, there is quite a lot of outdoor activities, that you and your family can engage in like kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and jet skiing.

Marazion Beach (St Michael's Mount) -
Marazion Beach (St Michael’s Mount) – Avalon Guest House

Long Rock Beach– This beach stretches from Mount’s Bay to Marazion. It is a family-friendly beach. You and your little ones can enjoy safe swimming at Long Rock Beach. Marazion lifeguards patrol the beach.

Perranuthnoe Beach– This beach is predominantly used by surfers.

Where Can I stay When I’m Visiting St Michael’s Mount?

One of the favourite choices for accommodation is the Marazion Hotel. It is perfect for couple and families. There are several rooms that offer a wonderful view of the Castle at St Michael Mount. The Marazion Hotel holds itself to a very high standard. Its rooms are immaculate. You can access free Wi-Fi and there is adequate parking for its guests. You will not regret staying at the Marazion.

Where Can I Get Food In St Michael’s Mount?

The food at St Michael’s Mount will certainly not disappoint you. You can sample the cuisine at the following popular restaurants:

The Godolphin Restaurant– This restaurant is famous for its Cornish and traditional English food.

The Cornish Barn– This smokehouse and bar treat its patrons to scallops, squid, ribs and beer. Be prepared to be treated.

The Old Coast Guard-The restaurant overlooks Mounts Bay. You can enjoy a wide assortment of seafood here.

As you can tell, St Michael’s Mount has much to offer as a tourist destination. You can enjoy its rich history and its beautiful scenery, leaving you with a memorable holiday experience.

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