Stone Balancing – A Unique Activity to do in Newquay.

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Stone Balancing – A Unique Activity to do in Newquay. If you are exploring seaside holiday options you may definitely encounter Newquay. Newquay is a highly rated resort town located in Cornwall in southwest England. Since Newquay caters to tourists specifically, there is a lot to do and see. However, today we want to focus on a particularly unique pastime that tourist participates in Newquay.

You may not have heard about it, but it is wildly popular. Stone balancing in Newquay is something that tourists look forward to when visiting the various beaches in Newquay. While it may seem odd if you have never heard of it, it is amazing fun for all ages.

What is Stone Balancing?

First of all, before you make a decision whether you are going to do some stone balancing in Newquay, you need to know what it is exactly. Stone balancing is different things to different people. Some people see it as performance art or a form of devotion. As the name suggests, it involves arranging rocks one on top of the other in a particular pattern. It may seem pretty basic at first but there are different styles. Here are a few you may want to try on the stony shores in Newquay.

Counterbalancing – This lower rocks are chosen based on the weight of upper rocks to ensure balance.

Rock Stacking – As the name suggest rocks are placed flat on each other. These are usually quite tall.

Classic balance – each rock is balanced in a line.

Arch – As the name suggests, you use stones to form an arch.

Freestyle – You pretty much can combine any of the styles above.

So you see it is more complex than you think! The challenging thing about stone balancing is that you can’t use anything but the stones. No cheating with adhesives or supports.

Why should you try stone balancing in Newquay?

Stone balancing is a pastime that some people do as a form of discipline. It can be considered a stress-relieving activity that encourages mindfulness. When you are stone balancing you are totally focused on the task at hand. Stone balancers often reap the benefits of meditation. So if you are seeking quiet time and reflection, stone balancing in Newquay may be the activity that could bring some clarity and peace of mind. If you are the artistic type, you can find joy in your unique creations. Or you can view it as a game of Jenga! You should know that not everyone appreciates stone balancing, some people see it as an affront to the environment, Some environmentalists see stone balancing as damaging to the beaches., so it is really up to you to decide whether or not you want to participate.

Why Stone Balancing in Newquay?

So, while you can do a variety of activities on beaches in Newquay like surfing and dog-walking, Newquay’s beaches are full of rocks and pebbles of varying sizes and colors. We have the cliffs that surround most beaches in Newquay to thank for that. They are made smooth by the sea’s tides. They are perfect for stone balancing or rock balancing as it is sometimes called. A few of the beaches that you can start with are Fistral Beach, The Gannel Estuary, Crantock Beach, Porth Beach, and Towan Beach.

So, stone balancing in Newquay is something you can try on your next holiday in Cornwall. It is free, enjoyable and may give you the peace of mind that you have been seeking on your getaway.

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