Surfing In Cornwall. The UK Surfing Hotspot

Surfing In Cornwall -

Surfing In Cornwall

What is so great about surfing in Cornwall?
If you are a surfer, you will definitely want to explore Surfing Cornwall. Surfing in Cornwall is certainly a surfer’s paradise. There are various beaches that provide ample opportunities to catch the best and biggest waves. Surfers flock to these beaches in both the warm and cold months.

So here we are going to give a sneak peek at the beaches that you should visit. We will also talk about accommodation. Since if you are going to be hitting the waves, you will need somewhere to stay. Let’s get into the beach overviews so that you know what to expect.

Polzeath Beach

This beach is ideal if you are just learning to surf and here is why. This beach is close to Chelsea-by-the-sea. It is fairly sheltered as such the waves are not particularly powerful which is perfect for newbies. Additionally, you will find that there are several surf schools in Polzeath. So, if you want to learn on your vacation, you can sign up for lessons. Despite this, Polzeath Beach still attracts many experienced surfers. You will also see a fair amount of body-boarding going on at Polzeath.

Perranporth Beach

This Cornwall beach is 3 miles long, gorgeous golden sand as far as the eye can see. It attracts various levels of surfers. Perranporth may prove a bit daunting since the lifeguards that patrol have a relatively small area that they deem safe for surfing.

Also, if you are planning to surf at Perranporth, you should also be aware that the area is prone to riptides. We recommend this beach to experienced surfers who are accustomed to challenging conditions.

Perranporth caters well to its surfing community. There are many board rental and surf shops where you can buy supplies.

Surfing In Cornwall -
Perranporth Beach – Avalon Guest House

Bude Surfing

Bude is a popular surfing town in Cornwall. There are several beaches that facilitate excellent surfing. The beaches that you can visit in Bude are Crooklets Beach, Sandymouth Beach and Widemouth Bay.

A mix of surfers usually catch excellent waves at Crooklets Beach. The waves can be seen all along the Crooklets’ coast. The best waves form when the east winds and the southeast winds pick up and surf rises to 5 feet high. Beginners should approach this beach with a bit of caution and check with the lifeguard for the safe spots.

Next on our list is Sandymouth Beach. It is on the northern end of Bude. There is a wonderful little café that sells refreshments. The walk down to the beach is a bit rocky, but certainly worth it. The sandy shores are just about a mile long.

This beach is guarded by lofty cliffs and much to everyone’s delight there is a waterfall! The surfing here is great, but if the surf starts to exceed 3 feet, a higher surfing skill level is required. You also need to be conscious of the tide at Sandymouth Beach, since you can only access the beach during mid to low tide. Once you visit Sandymouth Beach, your surfing at the Bude spot will be superb.

Bude Surfing -
Bude Surfing – Avalon Guest House

The last Bude beach on our list is Widemouth Bay which is the southernmost Bude Beach. What stands out about Widemouth Bay are the facilities. There are toilets, a car park, and a surf shop. The allure of this beach is the shape of the waves. The waves break gentler here, so it’s perfect for learners and young budding surfers. You can also take surfing lessons at this beach. There are several academies offering lessons.

St Ives Surfing

We would say that the best surfing beach in St Ives is Porthmeor Beach. While this beach is popular, the waves rarely get taller than chest height in the summer. Porthmeor beach is the choice for newbies when other beaches may be having high or rough surf. The facilities are excellent at Porthmeor Beach. They are adequate toilet facilities and a cafe right on the beach.

Newquay Surfing

There are a few great surfing beaches in the Newquay area. The first on our list is Fistral beach. There is a wide range of waves at Fistral. It is one of the few beaches in Cornwall that can accommodate new surfers and advanced surfers. It a pretty long beach, so it can accommodate many fun-loving surfers at a time.

You should also know that the Rip Curl Boardmaster competition is hosted here. You have a chance to watch some of the best surfers in the world.

You can also go to Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay. Novice and intermediate surfers can both enjoy the waves of this beach.

If you are making your surfing escapade a family affair, we recommend Tolcarne beach. It is a favorite with surfers and there are several cafes and beach huts that you can rent for the day. There are adequate bathroom facilities as well.

Newquay Surfing -
Newquay Surfing – Avalon Guest House

Surfing Accommodation Cornwall

While you are surfing in Cornwall we recommend that you stay at Avalon Guesthouse Newquay. It is the ideal surfing accommodation Cornwall. You can make a reservation here. We have included the link for your convenience. Avalon Guesthouse Newquay is conveniently located near the popular surfing beaches.

You can expect the rooms to be clean and comfortable. You will have access to free WiFi. Our staff are highly competent and our guests experience the highest level of customer service. We take sanitation very seriously, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disinfecting is performed at regular intervals throughout the guesthouse.

Avalon Guesthouse Newquay also caters for surfing guests in particular. If you are coming in for the yearly Board-masters Competition, you will be warmly welcomed at Avalon Guesthouse Newquay.

Surfing Cornwall can be quite an adventure. One of the wonderful things about this destination is that there are so many beaches to choose from. No matter your surfing abilities, you can find a beach where you can surf comfortably. So, if you are planning your next trip and surfing is going to be a big part of your agenda, you won’t regret choosing Cornwall.

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