Surfing In Newquay, Cornwall

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Surfing in Newquay, Cornwall-avalon

Surfing In Newquay, Cornwall

Are you interested in Surfing? Would you like to learn? The surfing experience in Newquay, Cornwall is second to none. If you are ready to hit the waves, surfing in Newquay will not disappoint.

Surfing In Newquay, Cornwall

There is no denying that Newquay Cornwall is one of the top surfing destinations in the UK, in fact, the world. This is mainly because this rustic little town is surrounded by absolutely stunning beaches. By our count, there are 12 beaches in Newquay, Cornwall. There are all ideally situated, 8 of them are within walking distance of the town and 4 can be reached with just a short drive. We are sure you have heard of Fistral Beach. Guess what? It’s one of the famous Newquay beaches.

Surfing In Newquay Cornwall

Surfing in Newquay, Cornwall-avalon
Surfing in Newquay, Cornwall-Avalon

Fistral Beach

The Fistral Beach is a west-facing beach that experiences west winds and the corresponding swells. Due to these weather conditions, the avid surfer can bank on some pretty impressive Cornish waves. Surfers relish surfing in Newquay Cornwall and with good reason. However, the surfer is ever mindful that UK weather is unpredictable at best.

When the surf at Fistral Beach and other westerly beaches become unsuitable due to high winds and swells, surfers usually default to one of the most reliable surfing beaches in Newquay Cornwall. It’s known as the Surfing Saviour. It’s none other than Towan Beach.

You may wonder why Fistral Beach is a preferred surfing destination. Here are the definite advantages of Fistral Beach:

• The bay offers some shelter from the winds, providing surfable waves.

• Other beaches do not have this kind of protection.

• It is clearly demarcated by the Habour wall that is located on one side.

• It makes a great left when the swells roll in. It’s the favorite of the grooms.

• Newquay, Cornwall offers surfing waves for all surfers with varying skill levels.

• Fistral Beach offers a great experience to all surfers.

Autumn Surfing In Newquay Cornwall

Autumn Surfing In Newquay Cornwall-Avalon

What you need to know is that Autumn brings the Hurricane season. As such some decent size swells can hit the Cornish Coast. However, it also means that surfers in the UK have to be extremely vigilant. Always remember safety first.

Seasoned surfers can be seen stalking the surf forecast several times per day to ensure that they don’t miss any noteworthy movement in the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the definite bonuses of Autumn surfing in Newquay is that Summer is over and the school semester has started, so the beaches are generally less crowded. So, surfers often have the beaches to themselves without the swimmers, waders, and sunbathers.

Of course, the surfers take full advantage of this time. They take long lunch breaks, leave work a little bit early so that they can ride those gorgeous waves. Autumn surfing in Newquay is worth checking out.

Regardless of profession, the swells call to every surfer that is near enough to take advantage of Newquay waves.

Surfing Schools In Newquay

Surfing Schools In Newquay-avalon
Surfing Schools In Newquay-Avalon

It is no surprise that the mecca of surfing in the United Kingdom has several options when it comes to surfing schools. There are approximately 25 surf schools in Newquay Cornwall. We do not suggest opening a surfing school in this area, the market is already saturated.

However, if you would like to help educate the new generation of surfers, you can consider becoming a freelance surfing instructor. You can offer Newquay surfing lessons to new surfers giving them a personalized experience.

If you are in the Newquay area and are interested in surfing lessons, you can check out any one of these Surf schools. It is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a great place to start.

• Escape Surf School Newquay

• Fistral Beach Surf School

• Quicksilver Surf School Newquay

• Cornish Wave Surf & Adventure

• Blue Wings Surf School

• English Surf School

• SSS Surf School

Surfing Newquay lessons are available in abundance in Cornwall, be sure to take advantage when you visit.

Kite Surfing Newquay Cornwall

Kit Surfing adds an extra level of adventure to surfing. If you are unfamiliar with Kite surfing, it is a combination of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding. It is one of the most accessible and popular extreme water sports. Expect to experience an adrenaline rush that is unmatched! The sport has made impressive strides in both equipment and teaching methods. Students as young as 12 can try and even those who are young at heart!

Quality Accommodation In Newquay

Quality Accommodation In
Quality Accommodation In

There is no doubt that there are several places for vacationers to stay in Newquay Cornwall. However, we invite you to try Avalon Guest House. One of the pros of staying at Avalon is its strategic location. You can easily access the beaches, the countryside, and the amazing attractions that Newquay Cornwall has to offer.

You can feel comfortable and safe at Avalon Guesthouse during this pandemic because all protocols are observed. Common areas are sanitized regularly. You will receive a mask and hand sanitizer on your arrival.

You can be served breakfast in your room if you don’t want to eat in the dining room. The staff is welcoming and provides impeccable customer service.

Be prepared to enjoy a traditional, robust Cornish Breakfast that you will not forget.

The guesthouse is situated in a residential area and is privately owned. It is also a non-smoking establishment.

You will be please to know that we are only half a mile from the center of town and Tolcarne beach is only a short distance away.

We cater to every kind of tourist, family, business traveler, and couple who want to spend some romantic time together. We also welcome the surfing guests who come in for the annual Boardmaster Competition. We are a top pick for small groups that are traveling together.

Avalon Guesthouse is affordable, and the rooms are equipped with every convenience to ensure that you have a comfortable stay. So, if you come to Newquay Cornwall to catch that perfect wave, include us in your vacation experience. We look forward to serving you on your next holiday getaway.

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