Vacations-Good For You And Your Family

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Vacations-Good For You And Your Family newquay cornwall - Avalon Guest House -

Vacations-Good For You And Your Family

We all know that vacations are tonnes of fun, but do you know that vacations can significantly improve your health? If you are wondering what are the health benefits of vacations, you are on the right page. You may have also asked the question are vacations important for families.

We believe that they are! The value of vacations is often overlooked. If you are a workaholic, you may have difficulty disconnecting. If you have unused vacation days, you should take them. You are not doing yourself or your family any favors by stockpiling them. Below we will explore the health benefits of vacations and their importance in maintaining a healthy family life.

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Vacations-Good For You And Your Family – Avalon Guest House –

What Are The Health Benefits Of Vacations?

There is no doubt that vacations have a positive impact on your health and overall wellness. You may notice that you feel better and even look better when you come back from a vacation. Your friends and colleagues may compliment you on your return. You see vacations lower your stress levels and prolonged periods of stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Here we will be discussing how vacations can play a major role in good physical and mental health. Let’s get into what the research on vacations has revealed.

Vacations Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you have a stressful job, are taking care of a sick relative, or have just had a new baby, your stress levels may be higher than usual. As such you may experience spikes in your blood pressure. When you are in a stressful situation, your body pumps hormones into your bloodstream. They cause your heart to beat faster and cause the blood vessels to constrict. Prolong period of stress may trigger hypertension.

It may become a long-term problem. As such you should take steps to lower your stress levels sooner rather than later and taking a vacation is the perfect way to do that. While you are on vacation many wonderful things happen. You are in a more relaxed mode. If you like an action-packed vacation, you will be more physically active. Exercise reduces your stress levels. As such if you decide to take a vacation in Newquay, your blood pressure will be back to normal in no time!

Vacations Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Stress can cause inflammation in your arteries and lower HDL cholesterol. This is the good cholesterol that is essential for good health. These negative factors can increase the likelihood of heart disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease has one of the highest mortality rates across the globe. It claims millions of lives each year. We don’t say this to scare you but just to impress upon you how important it is to take a holiday to improve your heart health.

While on vacation, your cortisol levels will be lowered and you will be enjoying the health of benefits of your vacation long after you have returned home.

Vacations lower depression

Depression is a disorder that affects your mood leaving you feeling sad and lethargic. Those who suffer from depression often lose interest in activities that use to previously bring them joy.

Vacations can be particularly restorative to those who suffer from depression. A change of environment can help improve your mood. In Cornwall, you have access to the beaches and spectacular ocean views. Simply sitting on the seashore, and letting your toes sink in the sand can work wonders for someone with depression. Connecting with nature on your vacation has the power to lift your spirit and maybe even dispel a depressive episode.

Vacations are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House - are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House -
Vacations lower depression – Avalon Guest House –

Vacations can decrease burnout

If you are unfamiliar with the term burnout, it is a type of exhaustion, it usually occurs when a person is working long hours. He or she may have unrealistic deadlines or an unreasonable workload. A person is under prolonged mental, emotional and physical stress. They often feel emotionally drained and unable to cope with life demands.

Symptoms of burnout are:

• Always feeling lethargic regardless of the amount of sleep one gets

• Lack of enthusiasm

• Negative feelings towards one’s job

• Low productivity, inability to complete tasks due to lack of focus and drive.

There is a reason employers give vacation because it is scientifically proven that you need to take breaks. The human body is not a machine. We need to disconnect ever so often to remain healthy.

We recommend that you take all of your allotted vacation days per year. You can take a few at a time or take all at one time depending on how much time away you need.

Your body will thank you for it!

Vacations can boost your brainpower

You get a cognitive boost when you go on vacation. You can think clearly and assimilate information better when your mind is relaxed. Your brain makes new synapse connections which allow your brain to remain healthy for longer.

A vacation can give your brain that kind of boost and the more often you go on vacation and take that break, the longer you will be able to retain your cognitive functions.

How Many Vacation Days Should One Take To Experience Health Benefits?

No one knows for sure how many days are ideal for your well-being. However, there is a general consensus that at least 4 days’ vacation can significantly lower your stress levels. The positive effects continue to increase the longer the vacation gets.

It is also recommended that you spend some of your vacation time in nature to amplify the benefits.

Are Vacations Important For Families?

If you have asked the question “Are vacations important for families?” The answer is they certainly are! Vacations can be beneficial for all family members. They are several reasons for vacationing with your family. Here are some of the reasons you should book a family trip today.

Vacations are excellent for family bonding

Vacations are excellent for family bonding - Avalon Guest House -
Vacations are excellent for family bonding – Avalon Guest House –

Everyday life takes a toll on family bonds. Parents have their jobs. Children have school and extra circular activities. Most of the time parents are simply doing pick-ups and drop-offs. Families rarely spend time together at mealtimes. Children are often off in their room in front of some type of screen.

Modern-day life is tough on human connection. Vacations create a different atmosphere that allows family members to get closer. Travel allows you to spend quality time. You can make memories with your family hiking, swimming, visiting the zoo, taking a train ride and so much more. Newquay Cornwall is a lovely vacation destination for reconnecting as a family.

Even the little inconveniences and misadventures can be a chance for the entire family to have fun and have a good laugh.

You and your children will be talking about the trip for years to come.

Vacations may boost your children’s IQ

Children learn quite a lot while they are on vacation. They get a chance to experience new things. It appeals to their sense of wonder. You can allow them to help in the planning stage. You can show them where they are going on the map. It provides opportunities for new sensory physical, social and cognitive experiences. A new environment does wonders for children’s brains and learning abilities.

Vacations make lifetime memories

Good memories are what make life worth living. We are sure that you have childhood memories that are dear to your heart. You probably remember the fun and the laughter and being loved by those who care about you the most. When you are having a bad day, you have your memories to remind you that life is worth living and happiness though fleeting is real. Memories become a part of our life experience and make it a life well-lived. When you take a family vacation you are passing on this gift to your children. You will be a stronger family unit for it.

Vacations allow you to be a kid again

Sometimes being an adult can be tough. The humdrum of routine has the potential to suck the joyout of your existence. Family vacations give you those moments of respite. When you are on vacation with your children, you get to do activities that you may not have done since you were a child. That level of fun and gay abandon can restore your soul like nothing else.

Your children will enjoy you being silly with them, instead of the usual disciplinarian who is rushing them to get the school bus, do their homework, or brush their teeth. They will see a lighter side of you which only adds to relationship building. Enter their magical pretend world while you are on vacation. Go on the rides, pet the animals. Remember we are all children at heart.

Family vacations teach responsibility and Independence

Children are learning all the time and in the end, we want them to be functional adults. When going on vacation you can allow your children to help pack their suitcases. Let them know that their belongings are their responsibility. Older children can be given more responsibility. You can designate a family photographer, so that child is in charge of documenting the trip. Another child can get to plan the itinerary or be the navigator. Children love to be given the opportunity to do things on their own.

Depending on the age of the child, they can be given some measure of freedom on the trip. You can allow a child to go on an age-appropriate zipline ride on their own. Or take a pony ride. Teens can maybe explore Newquay town center on their own. They can be allowed to buy souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Your child will feel safe enough to explore while you are there. This will boost their confidence which is an important asset in their life ahead.

Vacations remind us about the value of experiences

As parents, we will always buy what our children need, That is a given. We buy them toys, clothes, devices, and other items which they enjoy. However, these material things are just temporary. Children outgrow toys or often lose interest. Soon enough the toys are forgotten in the corner. The same thing happens with clothes. We spend a lot of money on these things, but they do not give us a sense of fulfillment.

On the other hand, experiences remain with us for a lifetime. Long after we are gone, our children may remember special moments spent on vacation. And, it is not just extravagant rides that your little ones will remember. They may also remember just talking and laughing with you on a trip. People remember how you made them feel.

Are Vacations Important For Families? Absolutely. No other activity allows parents and children to renew familial bonds. In this article, we have focused on the nuclear family. However, you can also connect with your extended family. Parents, siblings, cousins. You can plan a family reunion vacation. It’s a way to see and spend time with relatives that you have not seen in a very long time. Your children may meet relatives for the first time!

We would love to have you and your family at Avalon Guesthouse on your next vacation. As we mentioned before there are nothing but benefits for you and your family when you decide to take a vacation. The science speaks for itself!

Avalon Guest House -
Avalon Guest House –

We provide the ambiance that helps you unwind and lower your stress levels. We are nestled in a quiet residential area that is perfect for getting away and relaxing.

Our rooms are immaculate and fitted with every modern convenience (free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, hairdryer, etc). Feel free to ask our friendly staff for assistance if you need to.

To relax, you need to feel safe. We observe all the Covid-19 safety protocols at our Guesthouse. We sanitize regularly to ensure we keep a sterile environment.

Our breakfast is delicious and filling, the perfect start to whatever activity you and your family have planned. Adventure awaits! We hope to see you soon!

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