Waterworld Leisure Centre- Newquay’s Preferred Aquatic Facility

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Waterworld Leisure Centre- Your Preferred Aquatic Facility-avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

Waterworld Leisure Centre – Newquay’s Preferred Aquatic Facility

Waterworld Leisure Centre – Finding activities that will make your vacation more fun, is one of the crucial aspects of a successful trip. Especially, if you have children with you, you want to make sure that they are entertained. You also want to make memories with your friends and family.

With this in mind, we can safely say that Waterworld Leisure Centre is the place to be for water-related fun and physical activity in general. You may know it by its other name, Waterworld Newquay.

It is one of Newquay Cornwall’s preferred destinations during the summertime, providing entertainment for every type of holidaymaker. Waterworld Leisure should definitely be on your holiday bucket list for the Cornwall area.

What Can I Look Forward To At Waterworld Leisure Centre?

You can enjoy the following activities at the waterpark:

The main feature is the big leisure pool that boasts a tropical accented décor. You will feel like you are on a beach in the Caribbean. Okay, maybe not quite but you will certainly enjoy the ambience. On your arrival, we are sure that you will gravitate towards the slides and flumes, regardless of your age. It is guaranteed to be loads of fun. Look out for the giant floating snake as well. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with the kids.

There is also another pool that you can enjoy. The 2nd pool on the compound is 25m long. It is usually utilized for children and adult swimming classes. However, regular guests who have not signed up for any classes still have the use of this particular pool. Nothing is off-limits at Waterworld Newquay.

The Waterworld Newquay gym is equipped with all the latest modern equipment that you need to work out and stay in shape. Feel free to try out new exercise routines and machines or you can sign up for one of the fitness programs. There are several classes to choose from depending on the kind of exercise that you are into. We have put together a handy list below:

Core Stabilization- A strong core improves your balance, posture. It also helps your running form if you are an avid runner. The exercises combine a range of movements that uses your body weight as resistance. The workouts also incorporate gym equipment.

Total Body Conditioning- When you sign up for this type of class, expect to work every muscle in your body. Cardiovascular and conditioning exercises help deliver the toned body that you want.

Pilates- Pilates is a wonderful way to work on strength and endurance by using low impact exercise. Some of our older guests love trying out these movements. One of the big advantages of Pilates is that you can exercise with very little risk of injury.

Water aerobics-These classes are fun, and the water’s buoyancy helps to protect your joints while you still benefit from the intensity of the workout. It offers resistance that adds to the intensity of the workout.

Dance Aerobics- It will certainly get your blood pumping. Enjoy the music and dance those pounds away! This class will have you coming back for more. It is high intensity, fast-paced and totally worth it. Waterworld Newquay also offers Zumba and Ballet fitness.

Group Cycle/Spin Class- Be prepared to feel the burn! This class is usually very exciting, and everyone is super pumped. You will pedal your way to a healthier weight and strong toned muscles at Waterworld Leisure Centre.

Boxfit- Your class will be about 45 mins long. It uses the training exercises that boxers use so expect to do some skipping, abdominal workouts and boxing drills. It is geared towards toning, fitness and endurance. It is also quite the rush.

Interval exercise- It builds strength and endurance fast. No wonder it has been incorporated into Waterworld Newquay’s fitness regime. Get ready to sweat. You will be switching from low impact exercise to high impact exercises that rev up your metabolism. Jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, lunges and burpees are the tools of interval exercise.

Circuit exercise- It combines resistance training, endurance training and high-intensity aerobics. The exercises are executed in a circuit. You build muscle strength and endurance at the same time. It is a favourite of fitness enthusiasts who prefer routine.

Waterworld Leisure Centre- Your Preferred Aquatic Facility-avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Waterworld Leisure Centre- Your Preferred Aquatic Facility-Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

Are Waterworld Newquay Prices Affordable?

You will find that Waterworld Newquay prices are just right for your pocket. You pay according to the activity or area that you want to use. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time.

The price you pay depends on whether you have a membership or not. If you are a regular visitor at Waterworld Leisure centre, we recommend that you consider being a member.

Fitness Classes

You can either sign up for Adult Fitness classes or the Seniors over 65 classes. You pay £10.00 as a non-member for an Adult Fitness class and £8.00 if you are a member.

Seniors pay discounted rates, non-members pay £6.00, and members pay £5.00 per class.

Gym Rates

Waterworld Newquay prices for the gym are affordable. There are different prices for adults, Juniors (11–15-year-olds) and Seniors (over 65).

Adults can use the gym at any time. Non-members pay £10.00 and members pay £8.00. Juniors time at the gym has to be scheduled. If your child has a membership, you only have to £5.00, non-members pay £6.00.

Senior citizens can access the gym throughout the day. Members pay £5.00 and non-members pay £6.00.

Members do not have to pay to swim in Waterworld Newquay, but non-members pay a fee to use the pool and the flumes. Family fun Swim rate for 3–15-year-olds is £6.00, and adults pay £7.00.

Swim for all rates are as follows: Children 3-15 years old pay £4.00 and adults pay £6.00.

Children under 3 years do not pay to swim at Waterworld Leisure Centre.

Where Else Can I Swim In Newquay?

Swimming in Newquay can be done at Waterworld Newquay but if you also want a more natural experience, you can hit the Newquay beaches as well. Feel free to check out the best beaches that Newquay has to offer:

Crantock Beach

This beach is ideal for swimming, there is an active lifeguard patrol, you and your family can swim knowing that you are safe. Crantock Beach is located at the mouth of the River Gannel estuary between West Pentire and Pentire headlands. Beautiful sandy dunes and rocky cliffs are the views that you can expect to be treated to at Crantock. It is sheltered and a spot that is a family favourite.

Porth beach

Another beach that you can go swimming in Newquay. It is a beautiful sandy beach. It gets its name from Porth Island that lies to the east of the bay. It is easily accessed from Newquay City Centre a short drive, or you can take an invigorating 30 min walk to the beach. It is the perfect place to enjoy some swimming on a hot day in Newquay.

Tolcarne Beach

You can enjoy easy swimming in Newquay at Tolcarne Beach. The beach has a lot of amenities, so you and your family can enjoy this scenic bay with a cliff background that is absolutely breathtaking on any day.

It is located below Cliff Road and bordered by Barrowfields.

Great Western Beach

You can also swim at this beach. It is somewhat secluded which some visitors prefer. You can reach this beach quite easily since it is only a 2-minute walk from Newquay Town Centre. It is recommended that you enjoy this beach at low tide. Families love this beach.

What Are The Facilities At Waterworld Leisure Centre?

The needs of all of our visitors are taken into consideration at Waterworld Newquay. Access is provided for the disabled (there is ramp access throughout the facility, bathroom accommodations and hoists so that the differently-abled can enjoy the pools as well.

Of course, bathroom and shower facilities are provided for all patrons. Hairdryers are provided for your convenience as well.

If you bring your baby to Waterworld Leisure Centre, you can look forward to hassle-free baby changing facilities. This is always a welcomed accommodation for parents.

You stay connected at Waterworld Newquay since WiFi is available throughout the centre.

What Are Waterworld Newquay’s Hours Of Operation?

The schedule for the centre is as follows:

Public/Holiday- Monday-Friday 7:00am-9:00pm


Saturdays and Sundays-8:00am-5:30pm

You can get enjoy Waterworld Leisure Centre in many different ways. You can swim or explore different exercises. It is a place for everyone to enjoy! Babies all the way to Seniors can enjoy this aquatic centre. The facility is affordable which is a part of its charm. Of course, you don’t have to spend all your time at Waterworld Newquay, you can explore the beautiful beaches of Newquay where you can swim, surf, snorkel, boogieboard and much more.

Waterworld Newquay is just the place to add a bit more pizazz to your vacation. If you love the water or you are an avid fitness enthusiast, you will be quite at home at the facility. Hope you take the time to visit this Newquay treasure.

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