Waterworld Newquay And Other Fun Ways To Spend Your Holiday

Waterworld Newquay and Other Fun Ways To Spend Your Vacation-avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

Waterworld Newquay and Other Fun Ways To Spend Your Holiday

If you visit Waterworld Newquay, you can look forward to a superior aquatic experience. It is the perfect getaway for those hot summer days, They cater to all ages and persons with varying interests. If you love water, you will certainly be in your element at Waterworld Newquay. Several hours of entertainment is guaranteed for you and your family. Waterworld Newquay is a venue that should definitely be on your to-do list if you visit Newquay Cornwall. A wonderful time will certainly be had by all.

What Can I Look Foward To At Waterworld Newquay?

Waterworld Newquay and Other Fun Ways To Spend Your Vacation-avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Waterworld Newquay and Other Fun Ways To Spend Your Vacation-Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

The premium water park offers the following:

You feel like you are in a tropical paradise as you enjoy the large leisure pool. The slides and flumes are exciting and enjoyed by all ages. Look out for the huge floating snakes as well!

Pool No. 2 is 25m in length. It is usually used for swimming lessons. So if you want your child to learn to swim now is your chance. Adults are welcomed to take lessons as well.

Waterworld Newquay also has a modern gym with all the latest equipment. Your fitness regime does not have to suffer while you are on vacation. Feel free to sign up for one of the fitness programs that Waterworld Newquay offers below:

Total Body Conditioning Exercise– Cardio and conditioning merged in a high-intensity power workout.

Core Stabilization- A strong core is essential for health. You will be doing several movements that involve your own body weight and certain exercise equipment in this highly beneficial class.

Yoga- Strengthens the body and can be pursued at your own pace, It also helps with stress management and relieves anxiety.

Pilates– This class focuses on using your concentration and muscle control

Water aerobics and workout– Water provides the resistance you need to work your muscles. You will love this workout because it’s fun.

Dance Aerobics– Actioned packed. Exercise and Music are the perfect combinations. You will be in constant motion and grooving the hits.

Zumba– This type of exercise combines energetic music styles like salsa, reggae, rumba with high-impact cardio.

Ballet Fit– Exercise that is inspired by ballet movements and poises. You can look forward to a lean strong body.

Group Cycle/Spin Class- Get ready to pedal like your life depends on it and see those pounds just fall away.

HIIT– stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. So, it’s intense exercise surges that are designed to burn calories.

Combat– There is no contact in this exercise. You don’t require a partner but all the kicking and punching techniques are used to give you a superb workout.

Boxfit– Boxing techniques that are used by professionals are used to improve your fitness

Circuits– This is designed to burn calories like no other workout, it guarantees results.

Interval Fitness– This workout uses low intensity and high intensity exercise simultaneously.

What About The Facilities At Newquay Waterworld?

What About The Facilities At Newquay Waterworld-avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
The Facilities At Newquay Waterworld-Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

The management and staff of Newquay Waterworld pride themselves on providing a memorable experience for all visitors. Adequate provisions have been made to accommodate the needs of the disabled in terms of access and bathroom facilities in particular. Of course, standard bathrooms are available for other patrons.

The entire facility is adapted for wheelchairs. So, all areas are accessible.

There is parking that is close and allows you to access the facility effortlessly. Poolside hoists are set up so that the pool is not off limits to someone who has a disability.

All areas have ramp access for those who have to use a wheelchair. Changing rooms are fitted with rails to make the entire experience easier.

The environment is also autism-friendly, meaning that we take into consideration those who have a hard time with sensory overload.

Accessible Parking is provided to allow for easy access into the facility.

Sometimes traveling with your infant can be a challenge, but not at Waterworld Newquay. You will be please to see that the changing area is clean, comfortable, and fully equipped.

Bathrooms are equipped with hairdryers and WiFi can be accessed throughout the Waterworld Newquay

What Are Covid19 Safety Measures In place At Waterworld Newquay?

What Are Covid19 Safety Measures In place At Waterworld Newquay-Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Covid19 Safety Measures In place At Waterworld Newquay-Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

The management and staff of Waterworld Newquay have put in safety protocols for your safety as you use the leisure water facility. So, you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about being infected during your visit.

You should pre-book sessions for any activity that you are keen on. You can do with online. This way times can be staggered and social distancing easier to maintain during the activity and at the entrances and the exits.

Common areas are sanitized in keeping with industry standards at regular intervals during the day. Additionally, there are several sanitation stations.

The facility has also increased ventilation in indoor spaces.

Of course, your health is also in your hands, make every effort to a social distance where possible and where you mask when appropriate.

What Are The Opening And Closing Times At Waterworld?

Of course, for you to thoroughly enjoy the Waterworld Newquay Experience, you need to know how much time you have.

Daily Opening Hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday 9:00 pm

Saturdays 8:00am – 5.30pm

Sunday 8:00am – 5.30pm

Public/Bank Holidays 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

What If I Also Want To Go To The Beach?

While Waterworld Newquay is absolutely fantastic, beaches hold a unique appeal of their own. Nature always has a lot to offer. If love the feel of sand between your toes, the sun on the skin, and the therapeutic salt of the sea, we recommend Newquay beach. Newquay Beach is versatile. It is a sandy beach that is ideal for families. They are several caves and rockpools to explore.

Newquay beach is also loved by the surfing community. The waves are awesome, and many experienced surfers take advantage of these waves. However, you can access surfing lessons at Newquay beach Cornwall.

You can explore the coastline to the fullest by trying out Kayaking. Newquay beach is also an awesome camping site. We invite you to enjoy some of the rustic pleasures that Cornwall has to offer.

If you are worried about social distancing, Newquay Beach Cornwall, stretches out allowing beachcombers to have enough room to be safe. You should also know that Newquay beach dog friendly. This is a big bonus for people who can’t bear to leave their pets behind when they are on holiday.

Refreshments are offered on the beach. There are numerous cafes. There is also adequate parking. Newquay beach is definitely worth a visit if you decide to holiday in Newquay Cornwall.

What About Newquay Town?

Newquay Town- Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Newquay Town- Avalon guesthouse-avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk

Newquay town does not disappoint. There is a lot to do and see that can put that extra icing on your trip. Newquay town has come a long way. It used to be a humble fishing harbor, glimpses of its rich history can be seen in some of the boats that are still at the coast and the fishing trips that you can book while you are on vacation.

The town is accessible via the train station, and you can also fly in using the Newquay Airport as your point of entry.

Newquay Town Centre is striving and busy. There are several restaurants and pubs that you can choose from. Newquay Town is also famous for its nightlife. You can look forward to live music as well as DJ nights. It’s easy to dance the night away in Newquay town.

Of course, you must take a little bit of Newquay Cornwall back home as a souvenir or you want to buy gifts for your friends and family, you will definitely have to visit Newquay Town Centre where there is a wider selection of gift items.

Newquay Town is also famous for its farmers’ markets where you can support local Cornish businesses. It is quite a unique shopping experience where you can buy food, produce, and crafts.

We also want to take the time to also talk about the yearly Newquay Christmas Market. If you happen to be in Newquay for the holidays, be sure to check it out. The Christmas lights are spectacular. There is a lantern parade, and you will be treated to live music. Your children will be enthralled.

There are some attractions in Newquay town that are worth checking out:

The Newquay Land Train- It’s an excellent way to see Newquay and if you have kids, they will love it.

Retroblast Coffee– This is a coffee shop and arcade in one. It is guaranteed to be fun for children and adults alike.

Lighthouse Cinema– Take in a movie as you explore Newquay and enjoy the digital four-screen experience. You will not be disappointed.

Waterworld Newquay is one of those places that really put a sparkle into your holiday. Once you are athletic and love the water, it’s the perfect haven. Of course, you should not limit the scope of your vacation. Enjoy nature and all the Newquay Beach has to offer and experience Newquay Town and all its treasures. Newquay Cornwall has been lauded as one of the best holiday spots in the United Kingdom. We promise it will be time well spent.

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