What’s At The Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium

Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium - Avalon Guest House Newquay

Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium: A Cornish Must Visit

If you are in Cornwall, the Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium is an attraction worth visiting. It is conveniently located at the Towan Promenade, right on the seashore. You really cannot miss it. The Newquay Blue Reel Aquarium offers a wonderful array of aquatic life that both the young and the young at heart can enjoy. It makes an excellent addition to a family vacation. Here we will discuss what you can expect from this unique sea world experience.

What sea creatures can I expect to see?

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There is an incredible variety of fishes, crabs, and reptiles to name a few. The aquarium makes viewing the different animals a fun activity with a tick box spotter guide that you can use to keep track of the animals that you have seen. Here is a list of what you may see when next you visit:

Common blenny

Giant Pacific Octopus

Spiny starfish

Southern stingray


Silver dollar

Black reef tip shark

Yellow tang

Red-bellied piranha

Sea bass

Loggerhead turtle


Cuvier dwarf caiman



Sea bream





Many of these creatures can be found off the Cornish coastline.

When can I visit the Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium?

The Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium is open every day except Christmas Day and opens at 10 am. Closing hours vary depending on the time of year. However, the aquarium is currently closed until further notice due to the Co-vid outbreak. However, no need to worry if you have online tickets. They are valid 12 months from the purchase date.

How much should I expect to pay to enter the Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium?

Prices vary depending on your age and if you are traveling as a group. You also pay a lower price if you use the aquarium’s online purchase feature.

The standard price range for one person is £10-£12.

Senior citizens who are 65 years and older pay £9 -£11.

Children 3-12 pay £8-£9.

Families of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) pay £36-£41.

Families of 5 (2 adults and 3 children) pay about £50.

There is a friend package (4 adults) for £42.

What makes it so special?

When you visit the aquarium, you must visit the underwater tunnel. It provides a remarkable view of 100’s of species of fish and other sea creatures. The Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium has one of the most beautiful coral displays in the United Kingdom. The animals are so close that you can observe every beautiful detail.

You can also view the nurseries where specialists are dedicated to the continuation of many fish species. Especially those that are endangered.

There are several feeding demonstrations and mini-lectures throughout the day to educate visitors. The Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium has a special passion for education. They are various educational presentations for school and other interested groups.

Did you know that the Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium hosts children’s birthday parties? If you want to give your child, the experience of a lifetime, you can book this venue. The birthday package includes a guided tour, food, party bags, etc.

Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium is certainly a must-see attraction when visiting Newquay, Cornwall. It makes a worthwhile addition to any vacation or trip to this stunning region.

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