Why Choose Penzance

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Why Choose Penzance

Like most places in Cornwall England, Penzance is a place with a rich history. It is a popular vacation destination for those who choose to sample the pleasures of the United Kingdom. Penzance is located on Mount’s Bay. It is most westerly Cornwall town.

Here we will shine the spotlight on Penzance. We will share some insight on what to expect in this Cornish town. You can look forward to the accommodation suggestions and some of the places that you should visit. Our suggestions are not an exhaustive list, but we are pretty sure you will enjoy our picks!

What Is The Meaning Of Penzance?

The name Penzance often raises curiosity among visitors. Penzance means “holy headland” in the Cornish language. Penzance got its name from the St Anthony’s Chapel. It is believed that the chapel has stood on that spot for a thousand years. The Penzance meaning is a part of Cornwall’s rich history that you will experience in various ways.

What Is Penzance Cornwall Weather Like?

Of course, if you plan to travel to Penzance you are going to know what the weather is going to be like. Weather can sometimes make or break a holiday.


Summer or warm months are from July to early September. You can expect the weather to be windy and cool. The winters usually start at the end of November and continue until the beginning of April.


The temperature averages for Penzance is between 41 to 64. During the Summer, the average temperature will be above 61. Your winter average temperature will be below 51.

Cloud Cover

To be honest, Penzance is partly cloudy throughout the year. While Penzance Cornwall weather is lovely, you should not expect brilliant sunshine during your visit.


If you are vacationing, you always prefer less rain and some pretty clear days. Rain falls throughout the year in Penzance. You get the most rainfall in December and January.

If you are planning a family vacation or a getaway with friends, you may choose to visit during July and September when you can take full advantage of the warm weather activities.

Where Can I Find Accommodation In Penzance?

Penzance accommodation is both comfortable and affordable. We have put together a list here that you can choose from when you are visiting Penzance. Our list consists of both budget hotels and those that you may want to visit if you have a little more to spend:

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Hotel Penzance – Avalon Guest House

Hotel Penzance

This hotel gets excellent reviews. Rooms have a wonderful view of Penzance Bay. The restaurant attached to the hotel has received rewards for its cuisine. The rooms are immaculate. Vacationers can enjoy the swimming pool that is located in the Mediterranean-style gardens. Staff members are warm and friendly. You can expect great service at Hotel Penzance.

The Fountain Tavern

Another great Penzance accommodation. This hotel has free WiFi and a bar! The rooms are clean and modern. The highlight at Fountain Tavern is their wonderful buffet, You should certainly try their English/Irish or vegetarian breakfast. The accommodation was very modern and clean. Rates are affordable at the Fountain Tavern.

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Artist Residence Cornwall – Avalon Guest House

Artist Residence Cornwall

If you are looking for Penzance accommodation with a difference, you can consider staying here.

The rooms at this hotel are decorated by local artists. The rooms are generally decorated in a rustic or eclectic style. The rooms are known for their comfort. This accommodation is both cozy and affordable.

The Union Hotel

This hotel is located in the middle of Penzance. The beach is only a 5-minute walk away. The hotel has a restaurant (Hamilton’s) and a bar (Nelson’s) where there is free WiFi. The rooms have a wonderful view of the sea. The staff is warm and helpful. Due to its popularity, the Union Hotel gets many returning visitors.

As you can tell, this is not an exhaustive list. However, these are the names that come up frequently among satisfied tourists.

Where Should I Visit In Penzance?

Penzance Castle

Also known as the St Michael’s Mount. There is much to do at this Penzance Castle. When you visit the castle, you get a sense of its rich history. The Penzance castle has been the home to monks. It has also seen great conflict and siege. You can tour the castle and there are interesting activities for children who visit.

The beautiful gardens are a spectacle to behold. With several types of flowers and plants. If you are into horticulture or just an avid plant lover, you will absolutely enjoy your visit here.

Penlee House - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Penlee House – Avalon Guest House

Penlee House

This tourist attraction is both an art gallery and a museum. There are several paintings by artistic greats. The museum’s most famous painting was created by Norman Garstin, “The Rain it Raineth Every Day.”

Chapel Street

A visit to Penzance is not complete without a visit to Chapel Street. It gives you that quaint old Cornish ambiance. There are several pubs and restaurants that you can visit. You will feel like you are stepping into history.

Mount Bay

No vacation is complete without a visit to the beach. Mount Bay is a beautiful sandy beach. It is ideal for long luxurious walks during the winter months. You can also swim at Mount Bay in the summer months. Your children will have fun for hours in the sun.

What About Mousehole?

Mousehole - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Mousehole – Avalon Guest House


If you visit Penzance, you may have heard the townsfolk mention Mousehole. It is a fishing village not far from Penzance. There is a regular bus service from Penzance to Mousehole. This quaint village is a network of narrow streets. There are many restaurants, galleries, and small shops to explore.

So, if you are planning your vacation and you are thinking of going to Cornwall, England. We recommend giving Penzance a try. There is much that this town has to offer. YOu can expect great accommodation and many places to visit that will add to your vacation experience. Penzance should not be underestimated at a tourist destination. This charming town has a lot to offer the happy go lucky vacationer.

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