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If you are in the Cornwall area, we recommend a stop in Padstow Cornwall. This bustling little town is certainly worth looking into. Padstow is predominantly a fishing harbour, but don’t let that fool you.

here is much to see and do in Padstow Cornwall. If you are looking at possible holiday destinations, let’s take a look at what this wonderfully quaint town has to offer.

Padstow Cornwall

Restaurants to try in Padstow Cornwall

Padstow is considered a foodie destination where you are treated to various culinary delights.

Rick Stein Café Padstow– This restaurant is at the top of our list. If you enjoy seafood, you definitely will not be disappointed. They are also known for their wonderful British breakfast. You can call and make a booking or just stop in! The staff at Rick Stein Café Padstow would love to have you.

Prawn on the Lawn– Another favourite in Padstow Cornwall is this delightful seafood restaurant. You can sample several seafood dishes that are creatively prepared for every palate.

Barnaby’s-This restaurant offers authentic middle eastern food and is extremely popular with the villagers and tourists alike.

Bin-Two- While on holiday, you may fancy a glass of wine. This is a winery with a bit of a difference. You can also get food and coffee at this fine establishment.

Fun Activities in Padstow Cornwall

While on holiday in Padstow Cornwall, there are quite a few things that can make your trip more enjoyable.

Boat Trips

It’s not surprising that you can get a charming boat trip at this harbour town. You can be taken along the Padstow coast where you will be treated to several wildlife sightings with dolphins, seals, puffins and basking sharks. What you see depends on the time of year that you decide to visit.

Ferry Trips

You can take a ride across the River Camel to the village of Rock. If you are at Padstow Cornwall with your family, your children will find this activity particularly enjoyable.

Beach fun and Surfing

While you can swim or surf in the harbour, there are beaches nearby where you can do both. You can check out Trevone and Harlyn beaches. They are both family-friendly beaches. If you have never surfed before you can take surfing lessons at the surfing school in Harlyn.

The Camel Trail

You and your family or friends can go exploring on one of the best recreational trails in Padstow Cornwall. The trail follows the course of the River Camel. You can hike or ride on the trails while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Prideaux Place

As you may know by now, Cornwall is an area rich in historical sites. Prideaux place is one such locale. This Elizabethan house was built in 1592. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful walled garden, breath- grottos. You may even spot a deer at the deer park.

Padstow Cornwall should not be underestimated as a tourist attraction. This destination has a lot to offer. So, if you are planning your next vacation give Padstow Cornwall a try. This quiet harbour may just surprise you.

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