Why You Must Visit Bodmin Cornwall

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Bodmin Cornwall

Bodmin is another Cornish location that you may want to consider visiting if you are on holiday in the United Kingdom. Bodmin is located Southwest of the Bodmin Moor. This Cornish town has a rich history that it loves to share with newcomers. Here we will have a look into what Bodmin has to offer.

Best Places To Visit In Bodmin, Cornwall

Bodmin is an intriguing place to visit with many tourist attractions having great historical significance.

Here are the best places to visit in Bodmin:

Bodmin Jail

If you have a penchant for the macabre, we suggest that you visit the Bodmin Jail. It still makes visitors nervous after all these years. A visit to the Bodmin jail gives you an idea of what life would have been like for a Victorian prisoner.

As you might expect, conditions were less than ideal, and many prisoners died from disease during their stay at the Bodmin jail. It was built in 1779 and was known to be quite secure. So much so that many state papers and jewels were kept there for safe-keeping during the First World War.

Camel Valley Vineyard

A visit to the Camel Valley Vineyard is an excellent way to spend the day outdoors. This vineyard has won many prizes of the years. They run tours during the summer months. It is a wonderful opportunity to do some wine tasting on your holiday. You get to taste at least 5 different wines when you visit. Not a bad way to spend the day!

Camel Valley Vineyard - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Camel Valley Vineyard – Avalon Guest House

Cardinham Woods

If you want to fit in some walking or hiking into your Bodmin visit, you should definitely go to Cardinham Woods. There are four main trails that you can explore. If you prefer to cycle or maybe do some horseback riding, you can enjoy all this at Cardinham Woods. As you explore the trails you will discover old relics of the past in the form of the old silver and lead mine. The engine house and chimney stack are still intact.

Bodmin Town Museum

If you want to learn about the history of Bodmin, the town museum is certainly the place to visit. You will be treated to the following historical facts while you are there.

-Early Bronze and Neolithic finds

-Artifacts from the 6th St. Petroc Monastery

-An exhibition of the Bodmin Linguistic School where students were trained in Russian for espionage purposes.

-Bodmin clock exhibition- Bodmin was famous during the 18th and 19th centuries for their high-quality clocks.

-Traditional Cornish Kitchen

-Blacksmith Forge

Bodmin Restaurants - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Restaurants & Places To Eat In Bodmin – Avalon Guest House

Best Bodmin Restaurants

No holiday is complete without visits to the local restaurants and sampling of the different dishes that they have to offer. Here are a few that we think you should definitely try:


If you want to try classical Indian/Bangladeshi dishes, Viraj is the place to go. There is in-house dining as well as takeaway services. Viraj’s food is affordable and you can expect great service as well.

Flory Restaurant And Café

Another delightful spot to get a meal is Flory’s. They have a wide selection to choose from. You can get sandwiches, soups, desserts and so much more. The service is also impeccable, and the quality of the food is undeniable.

Domino’s Pizza Bodmin

If you are in the mood for pizza, you can drop into Domino’s and get the same great taste that is available worldwide.

Hole In The Wall

This pub has the best beers. They also have a pretty great menu if you want to grab something to eat. Their menu includes both vegan and kid-friendly options. You can also expect great customer service when you visit. The staff are friendly and deliver a premium experience.

What Is The Beast Of Bodmin?

While researching Bodmin, you may have come across this bit of juicy British folklore. Over the years, the Bodmin Moor has always been a place that villagers were hesitant to venture into at night. It retains its air of mystery and mysticism to this day.

Bodmin Moor - avalonguesthousenewquay.co.uk
Bodmin Moor – Avalon Guest House

It is believed that the Beast of Bodmin still stalks the Bodmin Moor to this day. It was first “spotted” in 1978 when villagers reported that a large black panther like creature was stalking the countryside. During this time, there were several livestock killings that created quite a panic in the Bodmin area.

There were several theories over the years about where the Beast of Bodmin came from. It was believed that it may have escaped from a zoo or maybe it belonged to someone’s illegal private collection. Either way, something was killing livestock at an alarming rate and everyone in the community was concerned.

As the years went by there were several alleged sightings and at one point a leopard skull was discovered. However, there are still sightings of the Beast of Bodmin to this day. Some believe the spirit of the creature still haunts the Bodmin Moor. Perhaps we will never know. It remains one of the enduring mysteries of Bodmin.

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Bodmin is definitely a tourist destination that has something to offer the curious traveler. There is something for everyone. If you are a lover of history, Bodmin will certainly be a delight. If you love the outdoors, Bodmin’s landscape offers the chance for adventure. Bodmin is certainly worth a visit. Hope to see you soon!

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